Welcome to DownUnderBBS we are currently running MajorMUD v1.11o on Worldgroup v3.30NT.
DownUnderBBS (Reg# 31141505) opened to the public on the 6th of October 2002.

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~ Latest News ~

14/04/17: Line issues again, good 'ol telstra/nbn tech gone and ruined it good, the day before easter ffs!

08/01/17: BBS is back up after a weeks downtime to install a new UPS due to the sudden retirement of my first one after many yrs of service :)

15/07/12: Access prices increased a little for the first time in many yrs, to reflect increasing costs of electricity and inflation / currency changes.

02/01/11: BBS is back up on new hardware after about a month downtime :)

05/01/09: Just a heads up the .net domain will expire this month and i wont be renewing it, if you arent already using the .com address you should swap now ;)

01/05/08: Were still around waiting for some progress with MajorMUD or metro to sell it to someone who will =)

02/07/06: The BBS now has a static IP =)

20/01/06: We lost main power this evening @ 11:30pm and it didn't return until just after 3am, the BBS was offline for about 3 hrs.

09/12/05: The phone line has been repaired and connections to the BBS have been diverted back onto it, apologies for the inconvenience.

08/12/05: We completely lost our phone line this morning, and I'm not sure exactly when it will be restored so the BBS will be unable to be connected to in this time (Estimate fix sometime on the 9th of Dec) Access to the BBS was temporarily restored via another connection late this afternoon.

23/11/05: We lost mains power early this morning, and the UPS was exhausted (12:30 - 1:45am), so the BBS was offline for about 20 mins.


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