Dominions 3 Accurate Spell Descriptions Unofficial Patch (DASUP)

Created by David Fidge

Current Version: 1.0


It is advised that you make your own backup of the dom3.exe file before proceeding with the patch (the program will do it automatically if you forget, but if you run the program twice it will overwrite the last backup it made).


Any problems?

Report any problems or any spell description inaccuracies to me at


Please read the readme file for more information

Source code

If you are a programmer you can download the source code for this program here:


If you want to convert code for a dominions 3 linux install it should be easy enough, most of it is ANSI C++ with the exception of some microsoft-specific low level file handling routines, since there doesnt seem to be any ANSI c runtime library support for modifying the contents of a file directly (can only append to a file with fwrite). The unix equivalent of open needs to be put into the code for it to work on unix.

Version History

1.0 - initial release