VStar, a multi-platform (Java-based), easy to use, open source (on SourceForge) variable star observation data visualisation and analysis tool. VStar has been under development since mid-2009 and is a collaboration with the AAVSO and participants of the Citizen Sky project.

An evolving
library of PIC C code (on SourceForge).

experiments with ECMAScript (aka JavaScript or JScript) to accompany my article in the March 2000 Sky & Telescope magazine.

Okay, Apple has dropped the Newton, but it's so full of wonderful technology (NewtonScript alone would be enough) that up until 2000 I was still doing some development for it. I worked on a Newton programming language project on and off from 1998 and 2000. LittleLisp version 1.01 is now freely available, along with the source files.

Here is a collection of useful LittleLisp code fragments.

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