Mailing List

A mailing list was set up for ACE in February 1995 so as to allow for the discussion of: bugs, workarounds, programming problems/solutions, example code, and ACE programming in general.

List members were encouraged to ask questions and to contribute their own code for others to learn from and use.

The original ACE list was shut down (as of Jan 7 1998) due to a decrease in usage and because DB was busy with other things apart from ACE.

Shortly after releasing the ACE source code, I was contacted by Ken ( who had quickly started working on converting ACE to ANSI C. We discussed the need for central coordination, and he suggested starting another mailing list, which he arranged (on October 11 1998). Thanks Ken! I have subscribed to this list so I can answer questions if necessary. Consider me an interested observer.

Note (1/7/99): The new mailing list seems to be fairly inactive currently, but it will remain in existence for now. Feel free to use it! It really needs a new moderator since many of the previous key players have moved on for various reasons (busy, Amiga problems), and I'm fairly busy with other things.

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