How to adapt a C16 keyboard to VIC-20/C64

Images below are of a C16 keyboard adapted to a C64/VIC-20. Even though the keyboard will work with the adapter below, some keys do not correspond with those on a normal C64 keyboard. For normal use this generally isn't too much of a problem.

See below the wiring connections from the C64 keyboard to the C16 wiring and how I connected mine.


                                        C64                          -   C16

Brown/white trace   -   Purple

Red/white trace        -   Green

Orange/white trace   -   Brown

Yellow/white trace   -   Red

Green/white trace     -   Grey/white trace

Orange                      -   Purple/white trace

Yellow                     -    Black

Green                        -    Blue

Blue                          -    Yellow

Lavender                   -    Orange

Grey                          -    Yellow/white trace

Black                         -    Brown/white trace

White                         -    Grey

Brown                        -    Orange/white trace

Red                            -     Blue/white trace

Blue/white trace        -     White

Lavender/white trace -     Green/white trace

Grey/white trace        -     Red/white trace




1.  Cut keyboard cable from dead C64 keyboard

2. Desoldered keyboard connector from dead C64

3.  Soldered the cut wires to the keyboard connector matching the wires as indicated above

4. Plugged original C16 keyboard connector onto the C64 connector