C64-DTV in a 1571 hack



Solder points on the board.


The board mounted under the 1571 drive assembly.


Power supply removed for fitting A/V ports and 64HDD IEC connector (not yet fitted) , showing work in progress.


Internal wiring for the joystick ports, PS/2 keyboard connector and IEC connections and power supply refitted.


Fully assembled. Joystick ports, PS/2 connector, switch (64HDD mode, Standard 1571 mode and C64DTV mode) and reset button on the front.


Another view of the side.


Rear view. Video port, Audio port and 64HDD port on the right.


Testing phase, it works! Unfortunately the computer room was under renovation so I had to make space elsewhere, temporarily.


1337 indeed... RIP Jim Butterfield.


Summer games screen. Needs the colour fix modification to rectify the poor colour seperation (caused by a production fault that plagued all of the PAL C64DTV-II units)



The colour fix schematic.