The Tandy - Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 Micro-Colour computer

The little computer that could... 

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Some useful files for download;

- The MC-10 service manual -

- VMC10 MC-10 emulator -

- Compac terminal software -

- BBS-Server 1.4


Only appeared in the 1984 catalogue and was withdrawn from sale after just one year.


PAL MC-10.




Rear ports including the serial port (top right) and audio out port (top left). The original RF port is now the Video port.


Opened up.


The PAL MC-10 system board. Top left is the 9 pin serial port connections I added for convenience.


Exploded view.


Set up, ready to connect to IRC.


Chatting in IRC channel #c64friends in only 4K RAM.


MCX128 and custom case


MCX128 custom case


MCX128 Boot Menu