Dick Smith Wizzard/Creativision homebrew multicart project.

Thanks to Luca for help with this project. Please visit his excellent website for literally everything Creativision at;


Note: This multicart is not connected to the multicart project by the Creativemu team, it is an independent homebrew project.

If you would like more information in relation to this project or have comments or questions please email: clockmeister@internode.on.net


Homebrew multicart prototype - 27C801 programmed with 26 games and utilities

26 games and utilities in a single 27C801 EPROM homebrew multicart prototype. DIP switches 1 - 5 select the required program.



Dick Smith Wizzard aka  Creativision, Hanimex Rameses, Funvision and others.

Dick Smith Wizzard/Creativision



The Dick Smith Wizzard chipset.



In operation.