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Isobelle Carmody news - Isobelle wins CBC Book of the Year (Younger Readers) for her latest release The Red Wind: The Kingdom Of The Lost Book One . Congratulations Isobelle! Last month Isobelle showed me the covers for The Sending and The Red Queen and they are beautiful. The Sending is coming out towards the end of this year and The Red Queen is coming out towards the end of next year. She also mentioned that Metro Winds is close. Isobelle has a short story called The Stranger that is in a limited-edition collection (only 400 copies) called Exotic Gothic 3 : Strange Visitations (Ash-Tree Press, Canada).

Science Fiction

has been my favourite literature and movie genre for many years. Much of my recreational reading when I was a teenager included books by Asimov, Ballard, Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein, Verne, Wells and Wyndham. I also read comics of the Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern kind. In the early '70s I watched early night TV for Dr. Who and Star Trek, and late night TV which often featured science fiction movies. It was during the mid and late '70s that I subscribed to Analog, a science fiction (and fact) monthly from the U.S.A. Analog featured superlative writers and stories and I always looked forward to getting each issue. I also subscribed to Science Fiction Monthly a poster size magazine published by New English Library from England which not only offered progressive science fiction stories but also featured fantastic science fiction art by the best artists of the time, including Roger Dean.

In the '80s I discovered Frank Herbert's Dune series and Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Robot series and these are still my favourites, although Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee's Rama series is also impressive. Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye is my favourite single book. I saw 2001 A Space Odyssey when I was 15 and it is still my favourite film, although Blade Runner, THX 1138 and Slaughterhouse Five come close. 12.01 is a great short film. More recently the new Dr. Who series has impressed me with its clever and well written scripts, the increased focus on human (and alien) emotions and interactions, and the attention to detail.

UPDATE - Have been watching Dollhouse and Sanctuary series during the past year, and also have got really into anime, particularly the Ghost in the Shell series and films. Also Appleseed and even kids anime like Spirited Away are fantastic. Recently Time Crimes, a French science fiction thriller, really impressed me with itŐs time travel ingenuity. Of course the latest Torchwood series is top of my viewing list.

Portrait of Isobelle taken at the
Little Fur book launch 31/07/2005
Isobelle Carmody

Isobelle Carmody's Bibliography
In 1981 I met my future wife, and through her her cousin Isobelle Carmody at a number of family functions. In 1982 Isobelle made an intriguing proposition to her family and friends by offering shares in her first novel's first print run. The $30 shares were to help fund her writing activities and finalise the novel she had been working on for many years. Although I was sceptical, Isobelle had already demonstrated writing talent through local newspapers and she was an adept story teller, so I purchased a share. Five years later her manuscript was published and my wife and I attended the book launch on 31/10/87. This first fantasy novel, Obernewtyn, was shortlisted in the Childrens Book Council Book of the Year Awards (Older Readers) in 1988. To date Isobelle has published around 20 novels, two graphic novelettes, a collection of short stories, a collection of plays, five picture-story books, and a number of short stories which have appeared in anthologies. She has received many awards, with The Gathering being joint winner of the CBC Book of the Year (Older Readers) Award in 1994. The Red Wind : The Kingdom of the Lost Book One won the CBC Book of the Year (Younger Readers) Award in 2011.
Isobelle has collaborated with illustrators and has produced picture story books of great vision and quality. More recently she has illustrated her own books, notably the The Legend Of Little Fur series and The Kingdom Of The Lost series.

Fans of Isobelle should check out Carmody Online, it's pretty comprehensive.
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