BoBjoB's: LWJGL Project's



RTS Engine: Current Modes include "Campaign" and "Tower Defence".

Safemode Version: Run without high quality graphics.

System Requirements:

* WindowsXP or later / Mac OS X 10.3+ or Linux

* 1800 MHz or better

* 256 MB

* 64 MB of Video Memory

* NVIDIA Geforce 2 Ti or ATI Radeon 7500 or better

Before downloading the latest version please make sure that you have the Java Virtual Machine

Recommended that you have the latest video card drivers installed


Bobjob's D.I.C Blog I have started a blog to record my latest progress.


Some demos:

Bump mapping model viewer.

Video player inside openGL window.

Basic Water Shader.

Old FPS engine. (no sound or GUI).

Click on button to Host a server. Make sure that the port address you choose is free and not blocked

Click on button to Join a server. Make sure your joining a server that is up


LWJGL Project Page

LWJGL Programming Lessons

Feel free to contact me via the JavaGaming Forum.