X-Lite Version 3.0 Softphone Setup Guide using Internode's NodePhone system

X-Lite Softphone
Figure 1

X-Lite Application

X-Lite Softphone as it should appear once it has been installed.

Select the button located left at the top-centre of the application (arrow pointing down).
Then select 'SIP Account Settings...' option.

A pop-up window will appear, select the Add button to create an account.
Account Propertise
Figure 2

User Details:

Display Name: Anything here typically your name.
User Name: This is the phone number provided by Internode
Password: Same as your Internet connection password
Authorization user name: same as User name (phone number)
Domain: sip.internode.on.net

Domain Proxy:

'Register with domain and receive incoming calls' leave blank.
Send outbound via:
Select proxy and address is same as domain

Dialing plan:

This is a more advanced field. Leave the default or make it blank.

Now select the Topology tab.
We will skip Voicemail as this is not provided by Internode at the time of writing this guide. Voicemail may be a future feature.

X-Lite Topology
Figure 3


Only change is to fill in the use specified server under the STUN server section as per the image 1.3.

Select the Presence tab.
X-Lite Presence
Figure 4


Ensure you select 'Presence Agent' mode and leave the other fields with the default.

Select the Advance tab.
X-Lite Advance
Figure 5


Leave the default settings.

Then press the 'OK' button.

Testing the X-Lite softphone

Internode have a number of phone numbers to test your connection. They can be found at

Hope this guide helped you getting started using X-Lite on NodePhone. It is a good start before committing yourself in buying new router. It is a great way to review the quality and to see if it is feasible using VoIP at home or the office.



Free software
No additional hardware to purchase (utilising your PC) Need to have your PC running to make calls, can not use your PSTN phone hardware.
Cheap national long distance calls - flat rate Uses your Internet bandwidth
Free NodePhone to NodePhone calls Does not accept incoming calls from PSTN



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