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Consider insuring your valuable horses (all breeds), cattle (all breeds), and aquaculture with us.

Introducing W.D. Munro & Associates Pty. Ltd.

Our company was formed in 1984, with the aim of producing a specialist Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance Broking operation. Our business was placed mainly with overseas Underwriters, because of their experience in this industry and because of the good security they provided for our clients. We have provided service to Lindsay Park Stud and their clients (I personally handled their business for 30 years) since our formation, and we are very keen to continue to be an integral part of the Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance Industry, and offer the same good service to our new clients.

The Claims handled by our company, over the past 18 years, have all been met, so our Claims record is 100%.

We have, as a family, had 35 years practical experience in the Dairy and Beef cattle industry, as well as Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Show horse activities.

Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance: Products Available

All Risks of Mortaility: which includes death through sickness, accident or disease, or as a result of any of these causes, it also includes travel anywhere in Australasia, proven theft and not mysterious disappearance. For animals 24 hours to 17 years, from older animals over 12 years, rates will increase.

Foals from 24 hours: subject to Igg test Blood test.

Foals from 30 days:

Unborn Foals: in utero from PPT until 30 days of age.


Breeding Stock: up to and including 12 years. Stallions: Infertility through Sickness, accident or disease; Congenital Infertility (first season only); and shuttle stallions travel.

Operations: No additional Premium for operations under local anaesthetic....No additional premium for operations under general anaesthetic for horses up to and including 3 years.

Transits: world wide cover available.

Overage Animals: Rates available on request.

Points to consider when choosing Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance for your valuable animals.

* Choose a reliable, reputable, and experienced Insurance Broker, who is able to immediately bind your insurance, with Underwriters that specialise in Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance - subject to a satisfactory Veterinary Certificate.

* The Value of your animal should be real and not inflated, and in case of animals purchased at AUCTION .... make sure you have "Fall of the Hammer" cover available to you.

* When you buy an animal at Auction, or request immediate cover, you should not have to accept external accidental cover until the Underwriter accepts your documents, some time in the future.

* The rate you pay for "All risks of Mortality" cover should be reasonably competative, but should not be ridiculously cheap - the Underwriter accepting the risk for your animal must make a profit.

* It is easy to sell cheap Insurance cover, but it is the claim is the most important part of an Insurance Policy - history indicates that brokers who do not get enough premium for the risk accepted will fail to become an important part of the Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance market.

* Our Underwriters advise that we have one of the best Contracts for 2002 and we are able to be as competative as we have ever been.

Introducing Bill Munro, Managing Director

I became a specialist Bloodstock/Livestock Insurance Broker in the early 70's, and managed portfolios for various National Broking Companies, and in 1984 I commenced W.D. Munro & Associates Pty. Ltd.

My introduction to the Bloodstock/Livestock industry followed several meetings with the late Mr. Colin Hayes as to the viability of this industry.

Our family has successfully bred and raced standardbred horses for several years, and we were part of a Syndicate that raced two horses trained by David Hayes.

In the late 1970's I successfully completed a 2 year TAFE course in Equine Studies, and purchased a share in a Standardbred Stallion - the horse stood at the first stud to use AI for breeding.

My main hobby is working with leather, the result of 2 years of TAFE training in saddlery. This has resulted in 2 saddles (both of which are still in very good condition) and various items of tack. Following the saddlery course I became interested in shoemaking, and after 6 years of evening classes at TAFE I became qualified as a Special Shoemaker. I still make some shoes and occationally do repairs for people. I also make and repair items for Riding for the Disabled, where my wife is a volunteer helper.

Contact details

We at W.D. Munro & Associates Pty. Ltd. are able to provide all of the above and we welcome and look forward to receiving any enquiries.

Should you or any of your clients have an interest in other animals, Cattle, Aquaculture, etc., we have facilities to quote.

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