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Update (B)Log

Because you care

4th.February 2022
Found a link to information & recipes for using sweet potato leaves in New Idea.
Using unfamiliar foods

20th.January 2022
As my contribution to the current chaos surrounding the world's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am uploading an article from 'Earthwise Women' journal dated December 1997/February 1998. Which means I wrote it in sometime late in 1997, in answer to a reader's question.
My views are unchanged.


1st.December 2021
Browsing through some old emails I recently came across this, which I wrote in response to some concerned comments on the Yahoo group page, which we had and used before the takeover by Facebook and other brands of social media.

It was written sortly after the SBS interview with Bill Mollison in 2004.
Bill was 76 at the time, and I a spring chicken of 66!
Bill died in 2016, at the age of 88.

I had competely forgotten this thread, and the controversity the interview caused.
I post it here not just from historical interest, but now I am 83, looking back on a beloved movement in which I can no longer participate, it seems both pertinent and appropriate.
I would love your comments

From: "Margaret RainbowWeb"
To: Permaculture-SA@yahoogroups.com.au
Subject: Bill Mollison, Permaculture, and Old Age!
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004

Like most people, I was disturbed when the SBS biography of Bill Mollison showed him in such a negative light.
I doubt if we shall ever know how much was the result of editing, and how much was Bill deliberately putting himself across in his usual confronting and challenging manner. He has always seemed to think that the only way he can get people to really think laterally is to use shock tactics.
But there was a clear message there:

"Don't make me a hero or a guru - Leave me alone to live what's left of my life and deal with my demons - and those of you who really understand and practise Permaculture - get out there and get on with it!!"

We all need heros, and leaders. But while it is human to need inspiration, and to appreciate those whose actions and words succeed in motivating us, we also need to be aware of what we do to them if we lean on them too heavily.
Many of you will be aware of the psychology of Projection, but perhaps you haven't considered a less commonly acknowledged side of the Shadow.
Robert A. Johnson says in his book "Owning your own Shadow":

"Our hero-worshipping capacity is pure Shadow; in this case our finest qualities are refused and laid on another. It is hard to understand, but we often refuse to bear our noble traits, and instead find a shadow substitute for them."

The burden of this must be hard for our heros to bear, and difficult to refuse gracefully. Maybe Bill just doesn't do "graceful"
The application of Permaculture Design requires constant thinking on your feet - that's why we have Principles, not rules. And this is what Bill has always tried to get across when talking about or teaching Permaculture.
"Permaculture - A Designer's Manual" - is still the seminal work, and anyone who really wants to understand Permaculture and the philosophy behind it needs to read this book thoroughly, again and again, and constantly to refer to it.
Sure, it's not an easy read - but Permaculture is *not* easy for those used to a modern "Western" lifestyle and culture. Nor is living a Permaculture lifestyle easy in this context, and we shouldn't kid ourselves or others that it is.
Rather, we should constantly seek a deeper understanding of it's principles, and support one another in our Permaculture practice. For the emotional demands of confronting the consumer culture are immense.
Let this marvellous work stand as Bill's monument and legacy. If you truly admire his work, you will not neglect it for easier or more palatable reading matter.

As for "making allowances for older people" - though this was no doubt well meant, as an older person myself, I found this patronising, and a typical sign of the covert ageism that is increasingly making the lives of 'older people' less positive. Frankly, I find it easier to deal with an outright statement that I have passed my use-by date, and ought to stop cluttering up the planet, than this entrenched attitude.
As we age, we often become more concentrated versions of ourselves, but our essential nature does not, I believe, change.
Nasty people become nasty old people, lazy people become lazy old people - I definitely fall into this category, and have reached a point where I no longer feel the need to deny this by working my butt off! - and empowering people become empowering old people.
How about Esther Dean? At 92 she is still radiating positive energy and encouraging people to beautify the world by gardening.

Old age is part of the life cycle, as is death - we are still members of the human species - as are children, which modern parents might do well to remember. Children are *not* a separate specie, but merely immature human beings, and childhood is not a fantasy playground, but training for adulthood.
Maybe the failure to comprehend this underlies the obsession with 'Reality TV', in which most of the participants seem to be discovering things which should have been part of their childhood training!
But I digress - NOT a failing exclusive to old age!!

I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to argue any of the points I've raised!

Rainbow Blessings!

30th.August 2021
Just a bit of housekeeping, after someone kindly contacted me about a broken link. Thank you, James!
I do so appreciate it when someone takes the time & trouble to do this.

23rd.June 2021
Winter Solstice, 2 days ago, was like a summer day in England - crisp & misty in the morning, sunny & warm for the rest.
I spent a great deal of it in the rocking chair which now replaces the firewood stack at the NW side of the house. This blank wall is in sun for most of the day at this time of year.
If only the big 'window' - patio doors - were on this side of the house I should have no need of heating in winter.
But one can't have everything, & I love this little place.
I also found a folding chair on one of my walks - people here still put useful discards out for those who can re-use them - it just fits on my front porch, which is also in the sun for part of the morning, another cosy spot, where I can chat with passers-by while I knit,or sew.

This is the first Winter Solstice for 30 years without my Franklin Stove.
Last year it became unsafe, so it now resides in a friend's shed awaiting re-purposing. I only needed to light it every other day, it was so efficient. It provided me with warmth, cooking, hot water, ventilation, & comfort. I never bought wood.
I decorated the house a little with Yuletide symbols, including cards which I received at Christmas time.
I was so grateful for the warmth of the sun on Monday. During the day I met and spoke with several friends, had a Solstice greeting from my daughter &then a long chat on the phone.
The huge gum trees I can see all around are full of blossom, and birds. The huge falls of rain we had last week finally began to lift the woeful figures for the year, there has been more over the last 2 days & even more is forecast.

My thoughts go out to the flood-affected Victorians.

Previous June Solstice pages:
2000...... 2002......2004 ......2005
2010......2011....... 2013...... 2014

5th.June 2021
Today is World Environment Day, & I'm in bed with a nasty cold.
My COVID-19 swab proved negative
So I thought I'd while away some time re-calculating my ecological footprint, since I've had to make some compromises over the last few years, mainly in the area of food.
The calculator I've linked to on the Re-earth the Cities page is based on UK figures, but remains simple & easy to use.
But far more sophisticated calculations can be made if you go to:
plus, of course there is now an app. for your phone, & a great deal more information.

So if you are busy with an event, you can use the first one, but if the only or main way you mark the day is to make this calculation,
please use the link above & use some time to think about what the Earth does for you.
What does it really mean to you?

28th.May 2021
Yesterday I took part in a workshop held by COTA at The Joinery, to discuss what actions we, as older people, could take to help mitigate climate change.


What amazing people I met & interacted with!

COTA - Council of the Ageing - has long advocated for the special interests of older people, & campaigned against ageism. I've had the opportunity in the past, through COTA, to tour the amazing innovation hub at Tonsley. Also to participate in research projects; Thermal comfort in elderly accommodation; and Health benefits of green space.
Now I have the opportunity to participate in this dynamic group of my peers without having to undertake more than I feel able to.
It feels good!

10th.February 2021
First a complete departure from all previous additions to this site:
My latest page is not yet complete, but has enough information to enable anyone interested to go more deeply into the subject,
& to email me with feedback or questions.
Born before 1980? Lost generations affected by Autism
Being autistic need not prevent anyone from leading a useful life, even though there may be many catastrophes along the way.
See: The Story of the Rainbow Web

Happy New Year! - somewhat belated for those who are followers of Julius Caesar,
but almost spot on for my Asian friends, who are about to embark upon the Year of the Ox.
No greetings for Lammas either, but here are links to old pages:

1999...... 2000..... 2002 ......2003 ...... 2004
2005...... 2006...... 2010...... 2014

26th.December 2020
I have just added, not before time, a link to the website of the authors of FRUGAL HEDONISM.
I first heard the term back in 1994, used by my friend Deborah White, Architect, Educator & Permaculture practioner.
When I heard about the book I bought it for my daughter, who loves it.
A pity I haven't promoted it before, but it is linked to many other websites which get a great deal more traffic than mine.

17th.December 2020
A blessed Solstice to you all. Despite the vicissitudes (?! lovely word!) of 2020, the Wheel of the Year goes on turning.
The Seasons still follow one another, altering though they are.

Here's a link to Glenys Livinstone's Pagain December Solstice musings:
The actual Solstice Moment is 21st December, 10:02 UTC.
And shortly after the Solstice, the planets Jupiter & Saturn become conjunct. This is an historic event, the first such conjunction visible for 800 years. (Another which took place approxmately 400 years ago happened during daylight hours.)
Watch for it in the evening of December 21st. just after sunset above the Western horizon.

The event takes place as the planets move into the sign of Aquarius, an event astrologers call the Great Mutation.
See Christine Rothwell's December newsletter for more.

Links to most of my past seasons pages can be found if you scroll down, but here are links for the December Solstice:
December 1999...... December 2001...... December 2003...... December 2004...... December 2005
December 2009...... December2010...... December2013

22nd.August 2020
I've added a link to a new article from the ABC Science Unit, on Carbon Accounting, to the Energy Accounting page.
Also a link to a local Permaculture related Carbon Credit scheme.

19th.August 2020
My main reason for this entry is a change I have made to theWhy the Cities? page.
Some old information has been replaced by a link to a pertinant article published today in The CONVERSATION.

It's a strange time for everyone.
But the reason for our success(?!) as a species is that we are extraordinarily adaptable.
We will adapt to & learn to live with this Coronvirus.

We will also adapt to & learn to live lifestyles that reduce C02 emissions, & pollution.
When, depends on whether we choose to do so or have it forced upon us.

In the same issue of The Conversation was an article about the Aboriginal concept of Deep Time,
which contained the following quote from Yuwaalaraay/Gamilaraay woman Frances Peters-Little:

All things will outlast us, the land will change, and survive
Yes, the land will be different. But new things will come of it.

A beautifully hopeful way of expressing the reality we must all face.

16th.May 2020
No Samhain page this year. I apologise, but if you scroll down to April 2019 there are links to all the previous ones.

We're all grateful, I'm sure, for the timely & beneficent rain. Our gardens our showing their thanks.
I've had good crops of 7-year beans, and guavas, while figs, feijoas, & macadamias have been less plentiful, no doubt due to magnificent crops last season. I should also mention the lemon, which I tend to take for granted because it bears almost all year round in spite of the wretched gall wasp. Earlier, the sultanas nearly brought down the frame, & my freezer is full of peaches. The artichokes & sweet potatoes remain to be bandicooted, & the mandarins are beginning to colour.
All this in spite of possums, rats, flying foxes & birds - this year I've had trouble keeping the Sulphur Cresteds away.

Thinking about the life to come - a phrase I unashamedly borrowed from Jonathon Green, who used it in this morning's Blueprint for Living on ABC Radio National.
In spite of the easing of a few restrictions in SA this week, most people are leading sigificantly different lives since the start of the severe rules implemented to protect us, particularly the elderly & our health systems, from the worst effects of COVID-19.
While for me it has made little difference, many I have spoken with & listened to have found the changes to be positive. What is coming through loud & clear is that this pause is an opportunity to rethink our lives in preparation for the gradual return of our so-called freedoms.
If you are one of those, especially in your 70s & over, who have been enjoying, & whose physical & mental health has benefited from, a less frenetic life, ask yourself :

What freedoms have I discovered in this space?
How can I maintain them?
What do I want to get back to?
What do I really need to get back to?
What can I let go of, having acknowledged that I can't save the world?
How can I learn true acceptance of the inexorable laws of nature?

Make the most of this opportunity to reclaim your life!

10th.March 2020
The following two links may be of help to those who are missing the Gardening & Weather Calendar:

Robyn Francis' Celtic/Nordic Eight-fold Year Seasonal Garden Chart.
You can purchase this attractive and useful poster, which shows detailed planting and harvesting times,
from Permaculture College Australia by mail order. It comes in temperate or sub-tropical versions.

4th.March 2020
Since September I've had 2 emails requesting me to reload the Gardening & Weather Calendar. This doesn't suggest to me that it was widely used.
I have now amalgamated the links from that page with the old Seasons & Calendars page, added one or two, & deleted some.
See Gardening & weather Information
I hope this will be helpful. Please read my previous post.
I still check my emails daily & respond to most within a few days.
I write my scripts from scratch rather than using templates or cheat programmes - rather like knitting something without a pattern!
I will be 82 this month, it takes me twice as long to do things as it used to. My eyesight is deteriorating, my laptop ageing, my fingers afflicted with duypetrens. Simply checking the hundreds of links on this extensive site as often as I would like is a mammoth task. I'm grateful for the few people who give me useful feedback & information.
The autumn forecast is looking hopeful, so perhaps we'll get reasonable spring harvests at least in the metropolitan area & environs.
Good growing to you all!

13th.September 2019
Big changes on the way - but they'll happen bit by bit, the way this site was built in 1998.
I have taken down the Weather & Gardening Calendar, also the Seasons & Calendars pages.
These require constant checking & updating which I no longer feel able to keep up with. I also feel that climate change & other environmental problems have produced so much uncertainty that the foundations of our traditional knowledge are now threatened. We have embarked upon a course without charts or maps. Even without immediate action, we are now locked into a period of global warming, diminishing biodiversity, & increasing pollution that means everything we do is experimental. The future is more than ever before a great unknown.

Re-earth the Cities! is a very personal website. I built it, learning as I went, on a need-to-know basis, when I retired, so that I could limit the number of visitors to my tiny garden, & simultaneously share some of what I had learned with those who were truly interested.
It remains simple - still downloads on the oldest browsers - and I still housekeep it reasonably regularly.
The World Wide Web, as I still think of it, was then a friendly & fascinating place. Trolls still stayed under their bridges in Northern climes. If you enjoyed something you found, you emailed the writer, & usually had a positive exchange, not infrequently making a friend. It still happens very occasionally.
Now social media has taken over, & many of the messages that used to land in my in box now arrive by text on my phone. Everything else arrives as a newsletter, sometimes demanding that I have a Google account if I want to read it online instead of in my mail programme. Sorry, I don't & I won't!
No one has the time, nor the inclination, to read anything longer than a line or two. Web building has become a profession, extraordinarily complicated, & requiring, apparently, defenses worthy of a medieval fortress.
Beware of opening an email - it may contain something costly or even lethal.
I refuse to be a part of this.
And so what appeared to be a future full of interesting communication has become a trap for the unwary.
More to the point, most of what I have writen & uploaded over the years has apparently become irrelevant.
There are times when I feel like taking the whole thing down. Maybe I will, I have the feeling no-one will notice. Not that it matters. There are far more important things to do.

2nd.September 2019
Just the monthly update of figures for August.Yes, it was cold!!!!
Gardening & weather calendar

10th.August 2019
I finally updated weather stats. for July. Sorry there was no acknowledgement of Brigid etc. this year.
I'm still recovering from my third bout of 'flu since December, this one is worst of the lot. Hate to think what it would have been like if I hadn't had my 'flu shots.
Thanks to Kevin & other friends.

1st.July 2019
I've entered the latest statistics for June on the Gardening & weather calendar. Temperatures are still rising, climate change well established now. When, oh.when! are we going to take some serious action? Democracy is too slow when urgent change is needed. What hurts is that my generation, & the baby boomers will not be the ones to suffer.
Sorry there was no Winter Solstice page this year. But if you came here & scrolled down to 2018, you would have been able to access the archive.
And praise be for the wonderful rain.

1st.June 2019
The first day of winter for South Australia, but a warmer day than yesterday! I've updated the May stats. - praise be for the wonderful rain.
Gardening & weather calendar

6th.May 2019
This morning I updated the weather stats. on Gardening & weather calendar.
Oh! what glorious rain! and more forecast this week. Happy gardening!

28th.April 2019
Here's the Samhain page for this year.
I had already decided on the subject before the sudden & unexpected deaths of two fellow travellers.
Both Harry and Brigid led lives of wonderful service to humanity & our home, the Earth.
Farewell, & Thank you!
But I ended up with a different emphasis, because I felt that I had already written a great deal about death
on the site, & also about Samhain, in past Samhain pages:
Samhain 2001....Samhain 2002.....Samhain 2003.....Samhain 2004.....Samhain 2005
Samhain 2010.....Samhain 2011.....Samhain 2015.....Samhain 2018

More on Glenys Livingstone's Pagain Cosmology pages:SAMHAIN/BELTANE

1st.April 2019
Just an update of stats. for March 2019. Weather &Gardening Calendar
NB - I use Figures from the old Kent Town site,
which is closer to me than West Terrace. The difference can be noticeable.
For other SA figures go to Daily weather observations

21st.March 2018
There's a Full Moon at this year's March Equinox - it even made the news!
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-20/super-worm-equinox-moon-the-last-supermoon-of-2019/10920288. Plus a quiz - how did you score?
It's reassuring that nature's phenomena are newsworthy, especially in the light of recent devastating human actions.
Which reminds me - this is also Harmony Day.
Here's the link to Glenys Livingstone's March Equinox page:AUTUMN/SPRING EQUINOX.
Here are links to my March archive:

MarchEquinox2001..... MarchEquinox2004..... MarchEquinox2005..... MarchEquinox2010
MarchEquinox2011..... MarchEquinox2014

2nd.March 2019
I've entered the new statistics on the Weather &Gardening Calendar for February 2019, & finished updating the January ones - I forgot to update the means & records last month. Must be getting old!

2nd.February 2019
Today I have entered the new stats. for January. Not pretty reading! But that's climate change.

31st.January 2019
Lammas, the Southern Hemisphere cross-quarter day is around 2nd. February. This year it falls close to the Lunar New Year, on February 5th.
So happy New Year to all my Chinese & Asian friends. The Year of the Pig is the last in the 12-year Lunar cycle.
I've put the usual link to Pagaian Cosmology halfway down the Seasons & Calendars page.
Here is my own February archive, in case you find these pages worth re-reading.

1999...... 2000..... 2002 ......2003 ...... 2004
2005...... 2006...... 2010...... 2014

2nd.January 2019
May your life in 2019 be peaceful & sustainable.
I've updated the weather stats. for December, & the Solar-Lunar dates for 2019. See Weather & Gardening Calendar
Please, if you find typos or other anomalies, do let me know. Self-editing is always difficult, & I always appreciate corrections.

18th.December 2018
I've updated the Seasons Page. Scroll down to links to Glenys Livingstone's December Solstice page, and my own archive.
If I feel up to it, I'll make a page for this year in a day or too. A Full Moon at the Solstice is worth celebrating -
both Lunar & Solar cycles at their peak.
Here's a selection from my December Solstice Archive that will revive some memories:
December 1999...... December 2001...... December 2003...... December 2004...... December 2005
December 2009...... December2010...... December2013

2nd.December 2018
I've done a bit of editing & updating of the Plant Lists.
Also updated Weather & Gardening Calendar with November stats.

1st.November 2018 - Beltane
Here, as promised, my Beltane Archive:
November1998 - my very first, very simple seasons page.
November1999...... November2000...... November2001 - written soon after 9/11...... November2002
November2003 ......November2004...... November2005 - the 4 year break while I was almost totally occupied with the ARPA Choir.
November2009......Then responses dropped off markedly (? Facebook etc.) and I felt I was often repeating myself, so from then I only created seasonal pages occasionally

30th.October 2018
I've updated the Seasons Page with Glenys Livingstone's BELTANE/SAMHAIN MOMENT page. I haven't done my archival links yet, will add them in a day or so.

4th.October 2018
Update of September weather stats.Gardening and Weather Calendar
Lowest September rainfall since 2006 evokes memories of the long dry earlier in the century. We need to prepare urgently, with mulch, water conservation, & maybe changing our expectations & plant selections.

20th.September 2018
My best wishes for the Spring Equinox, which in Adelaide occurs at 11.25am on 23rd.September. Celebrate it if you can - it's a Sunday.
Of course it's the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.
Please go to my Seasons & Calenders page & scroll down to access Glenys Livingstone's current offerings.
My September archive:
September 2000......September 2001......September 2003......September 2004
September 2005......September 2009......September 2011

3rd.September 2018
I'v entered figures for August 2018 on the Gardening & weather calendar. With the forecast el nino, the above average rain is welcome, but doesn't compensate for the earlier dry months.

2nd.August 2018
This is the traditional Southern Hemisphere date for Brigid, Oimelc, or Imbolc, an early spring festival.
You'll find all the updated seasonal links on Seasons.
I've been working on a new page, but may or may not upload it later today, depending on whether it works out.
Come back & see
August archive:
August 2002......August 2004......August 2005
August 2011......August 2015......August 2018

3rd.July 2018
I've only updated the temperature & rainfall stats. for June.
Garden & weather calendar Getting used to a bigger laptop & new OS, I'm doing as little as possible until I get used to them.

20th.June 2018
My very best wishes for the Winter Solstice, which occurs tomorrow (Thursday) evening in Adelaide.
My Solstice archive:
2000...... 2002......2004 ......2005
2010......2011....... 2013...... 2014...... June Solstice 2015



5th.June 2018
Updates to weather stats. for May. Winter has suddenly arrived, the change seemed very abrupt. But average overnight temperatures still increased by 0.6°C.
Global warming can be a misleading phrase. It refers to the increase of heat energy in our atmosphere & oceans, which is what is changing our climate. Local weather is a quite different matter. We should not confuse the two.

3rd.May 2018
Just updated temperature & rainfall stats. for April. More records approached or broken!

30th.April 2018 - Samhain
I've actually made a page for this: Samhain 2018
Please read, & let me have your feedback.
For really seasonal content, a link to Glenys Livingstone's Samhain/Beltane page is halfway down the Seasons & Calendars page

3rd.April 2018
Just updated the weather stats. for March.
Once again, higher than average temperatures, and worryingly low rainfall. Average for January to end of March is 108.9mm - this year only 14.2mm.

22nd.March 2018
My apologies for not updating in time for the Equinox - suddenly got stuck into some serious gardening this week, & my good intentions all got channelled into that!
I have put the usual seasonal link to Pagaian Cosmology on the Seasons & Calendars page.
I have also uploaded an article I wrote last week which was prompted by the ageism of even the nicest people.
Being 80
And I'd really like my friends to read Please don't shoot the messenger, an article from a series on moral philosophy recently published in The Conversation.
All serious stuff.
But it's time to get serious.
Tomorrow is my birthday, and my plans for a quiet day with my family have been cancelled due to D & V - but I'm not unhappy. In fact, I'm very content. I'm getting the better of the rampant growth in my garden, and my view is once again calming & cool.
At 80 years of age, one doesn't need any more things - but if you'd like to drop me an email, I'd love it.

6th.February 2018
Entered climate statistics for January (Kent Town).
Gardening Calendar
Once again higher than average temperatures, and very low rainfall. We'll have to get used to it!
If you use air conditioning, 25°C is quite low enough.

31st.January 2018
Although Lammas traditionally occurs on 2nd.February, many will feel it appropriate to mark the cross-quarter day tonight. The total Lunar Eclipse will be visible all over Australia, and really spectacular, because the moon is at perigee. It is also the second Full Moon this month. I wish you clear skies!
There will be no Full Moon in February this year.
I've put the usual link to Pagaian Cosmology halfway down the Seasons & Calendars page.

4th.January 2018
Just updated stats. for December on Gardening Calendar

1st.January 2018
Tuesday 2nd.January is a Full Moon. So I am taking this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my life, and to wish you peace and contentment during the 12 months our society chooses to call 2018.
Are you beginning your year today? The 1st.January is not a special day in the real world. It is neither a Lunar, nor a Solar festival, but an arbitrary rationalisation of the Roman calendar by Julius Caesar in 45BCE.
By all means make resolutions, new beginnings, commitments to lead a better life. These are always good things to do. But you can make them any time.
Some of my neighbours celebrate New Year at the first New Moon in February. Hindus celebrate at the March New Moon. Jewish Rosh Hoshannah, and the Islamic New Year are both timed around the New Moon in September.
Mahayana Buddhists begin the year at the January Full Moon, Thervada Buddhists at the April Full Moon.
Pagans start their year after the Solar cross-quarter day of Samhain - the end of April here in the South, the end of October in the Northern Hemisphere.
Christians mark the solar & lunar calendars with some of their holy days; most significantly Christmas, Easter, the Annunciation, and All Hallows.
Yet we are all, including agnostics and atheists, subject to natural rhythms, sunrise & sunset, the fortnightly rise & fall of the tides, the 29 day cycle of the Moon, and the rise & fall, speeding up & slowing down of the Earth around the sun during the year. Perhaps we might become more respectful of the Earth if we paid more attention to the origins of the Holy Days. Letting go of less important concerns to make time to contemplate our place in nature, to perceive ourselves in context.

26th.December 2017
Yeah!!Finally updated calendar with November 2017 figures, and finished updating plant lists!

21st.December 2017
Go to GLENYS LIVINGSTONE'S PAGAIN DECEMBER SOLSTICE PAGE for a comprehensive essay of the significance of this festival. See also my seasons & calendars page, there sre links to some of my past December Solstice pages just below the link to Glenys' page.
I haven't yet got round to updating the Gardening Calendar. To be honest I've been so focused on Christmas - yes! Christmas - preparations I forgot!.With 2 great-grandsons both nearly four & a two-year-old grand-daughter, plus the sudden realisation that this year the Poppy Group had no teddies to take to the Red Cross, I've been unusually involved.
Now it's all done, including a dozen teddies, about the same number of crocheted octopuses for the babies, and I can get back to normal. I'll do it soon, but it's a big task at the beginning of a new year, as the whole calendar has to be updated.
But I have made some serious updates to my plant lists and will continue to do so over the next few days.
Heartfelt thanks to all my friends and family for their ongoing love & support.
Love, Margaret.

30th.October 2017
Despite the witch costumes & pumpkins cluttering the aisles of every major chain store, this is the Southern Hemisphere, and the feast of Beltane, NOT Hallowe'en!!!
If you are a practising Christian, by all means spend the 3 days of this feast at the various church services for All Hallows Eve, All Saint's Day, and All Soul's Day, but otherwise you should be celebrating the arrival of longer days, wide-spread fertility, and Yes! sexual pleasure. It's the time for hand-fasting, jumping the broom hand in hand to be joined for a year and a day.
Only in the Northern Hemisphere should you be marking the Day of the Dead, the Pagan New Year, and the start of winter.

9th.October 2017
Just an update to monthly weather stats.
Minimums significantly above average, Maximums only slightly so. Less rainfall than average. Global warming very much on track. Most obvious is the increase in wind velocity.

19th.September 2017
Another Equinox, and Spring well on it's way. I've only put up the link to Pagain Cosmology's Equinox page, on mySeasons page. Also links to some of my Equinox pages from previous years. They seem to say everything - if I were to make another, I would simply be repeating myself. But do look at them.

7th.September 2017
Just an update of the August climate stats.

15th.August 2017
I've just finished checking and updating all the links on my 3 pages of links - whew!!
Take a look:
Earthy Links
Permaculture links worldwide and

25th.July 2017
Brigid, or Oimelc occurs traditionally on 2nd.August. (Lammas in Northern Hemisphere)
Many gardens have Snowflakes blooming - not quite as dainty as the traditional Snowdrop, but still lovely. And my white Hardenbergia makes a fine seasonal display on the front fence.
We really notice the lengthening days now, in spite of the bitter cold we have experienced in South Australia this season. A maximum temperature of 18°C. almost tempts us to shed a layer or two, until we discover how briefly the warmth lasts. There has been a lot of frost throughout the State, only the city has been spared.
But it bodes well for stone fruit growers, and also makes for really sweet citrus and root crops.
My thanks to Trevor Howe, who emailed to remind me that this is the time to plant strawberries in most parts of SA. It is also the best time to clean up and fertilise your strawberry patch, if you haven't done so already. I've added his reminder to the Gardening Calendar
I do so enjoy getting emails from people who still visit this site. It encourages me to keep it going.

3rd.July 2017
Apologies for only just updating weather stats. for May. Also for not putting anything on this update log for Winter Solstice.
I've now done the updates for June as well - almost the driest June on record. Gardening and Weather Calendar for AdelaideFortunately it's been raining today, and more is forecast over the coming week.
This has been such a cold winter so far, I'm already running out of firewood; and on 1st.July SA electricity costs rise by about 20%!! Beanie, scarf, fingerless mittens, and ugg boots are my weapons against rising prices.
Lots of Lemons, and a bigger crop of Mandarins than I expected after the pollarding Kevin did last year. Plenty of Jerusalem Artichokes too, but Chokos were disappointing, plenty of growth but fruit not setting, probably because of the unusual cold. Same with the 7-year beans - plenty of flowers, but poor set. But winter vegetables are plentiful, cheap, and good quality in the markets. There's an upside to everything - I think?!

9th.May 2017
I've updated the Gardening Calendar with the April figures.
It's been a warm April, with temperatures mainly in the mid-20C.s. Lovely for Easter and most of the school holidays, although the last week was rather wet. But climate trends show in the warm nights, and the garden.
My deciduous trees still have most of their leaves, even the almond's are clinging on. The garden is heavily fragrant, as the Loquat is in full bloom, and the Brugmansia, or Angels' Trumpet, is heavy with blossom & full of bees. I wonder what effect this will have on the honey?!
The Oak trees in our streets have dropped all their acorns, but the leaves are only just turning, and the Plane trees still have much of their foliage.
I've been overwhelmed with Guavas & Feijoas, and as usual the Macadamia has cropped heavily. It's been hard work collecting and finding ways to use or pass on the bounty. I can only use small quantities of the fruit myself, and many people are not familiar with these fruits of winter. The macadamias have to be hulled soon after collection, or the husks go mouldy. Then the kernels need to be kept until mature before they can be shelled and used.
The first chokos are filling out. I like to eat them young, no larger than an egg. The Jerusalem Artichokes are beginning to mature, I cooked up a saucepanful yesterday. Some I've used in a vegetable soup, but the One Planet Market is 2 weeks is two weeks away, so I'm going to experiment by using them in cake and muffins.
There are plenty of nasturtiums coming up, also chickweed, parsley, & nettle. The newly emerged seedlings can be pulled, washed, & used like sprouts. Just leave the nettles to wilt a bit, then they won't sting. The sweet potato tops are still flourishing, though the tubers should be filling out soon, & the dandelions are doing well. So I'm not short of greens or salad.

30th.April 2017
Samhain, the ending and beginning of the annual cycle. The pumpkins in the markets should make it obvious to anyone in the Southern Hemisphere that this is Hallowe'en.
So all of you who are in touch with the seasons will be honouring your dead, and preparing for a season of deep meditation as the days draw down towards the Winter Solstice.
The overcast sky, falling leaves, and damp earth give this year's Samhain a truly wintry feel.

6th.April 2017
As well as the monthly update of the Weather & Planting Calendar, I have substantially edited & re-worked the Home page and the Seasons and Calendars page. Hopefully they now read more logically, and they are quite a bit shorter.

19th.March 2017
Best wishes for the Equinox.
I've put the link to Glenys Livingstone's page on my front page & on the seasons page.
Her writings comprehensively cover the various metaphysical aspects of the seasons. If I ever make another seasons page, it will be a very personal one, just for my friends.

6th.March 2017
Just the monthly update of the Gardening Calendar. Daytime temperatures for the month below average, but night temperatures up. Rainfall more than twice the mean average.

16th.February 2017
Apologies for the late update of the Gardening Calendar. The recent heatwave threw my plans into disarray. Done now!

28th.January 2017

A Dark Moon today, at 8°15' of Aquarius, at 10.37am. Also our Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other East Asian friends will be celebrating Lunar New Year as soon as the New Moon appears in the evening sky. So Lammas, which is always around the beginning of February in the Southern Hemisphere, will follow closely on these colourful and noisy celebrations.
The days start to draw in more rapidly now, in spite of the still increasing temperatures. Although the days are shorter, the Sun is lower in the sky, so reaches vertical surfaces for longer, and we feel the heat more acutely.
Stay cool!

6th.January 2017
Happy New Year! if you celebrate it now. Today is Twelfth Night, the last of the 12 days of Christmas, and the Feast of the Epiphany, the date when, traditionally, Jesus was shown to the Wise Men from the East.

As I update the Gardening Calendar we are expecting temperatures of 40C. plus for the next 2 days - the first extreme heat of the season. I'm so grateful for the cooler Spring and early Summer temperatures, and the heavy rain,we had during the last few months.
I really don't want to install air conditioning, though each year I find extreme heat harder to deal with. As for most people, it's the hot nights when the house can't be cooled naturally that really stresses me.The worst thing is boredom! Staying in the house, which only gets really hot in the late afternoon, makes sense, but there's little sense of accomplishment in reading, listening to repeats on the radio, or watching DVDs. And my one good eye will now only maintain focus for limited period before needing a rest, so that, and my increasingly clumsy hands make it difficult to crochet, knit, or sew for long periods, as I once used to. Forgive the rant - it is NOT a complaint - just a statement of fact. I'm better off than many of my age - 79 in March - but, while I detest exercise, I abhor inactivity!
Must make good use of the Gratitude Diary I gave myself this year.

19th.December 2016
As I write, thunder is rumbling around the sky as a cold front meets the residual atmospheric heat after a 37C. day.
As is now my custom, I have put a link to Glenys Livingstone's Solstice page on Seasons & Calendars
This year I have been more involved with Christmas than for some years, because THE CARING CHOIR which I joined back in June has been visiting various supported living houses to sing carols and help them celebrate.
Like many of my neighbours I've decorated my gate for the holidays, but with a green bow, sunflowers, and some corn dolly stars I found on the free stall at the ONE PLANET MARKET last week, in celebration of the Summer Solstice.
If you go to this article from THE CONVERSATION you'll find some interesting historical stuff about Christmas - lots more if you follow the links.
All good wishes for the holidays, however you choose to spend them.

6th.December 2016
Just the usual climate statistics update for Adelaide.
The most memorable weather event this month was the dramatic storm on Remembrance Day, November 11th.
Hail the size of golf balls did a great deal of damage; one made a hole in my skylight. The noise was indescribable, and took me back to my childhood in the London Blitz.
Much worse though, was the damage to crops, especially for soft fruit growers in the Riverland. Altogether it has been a discouraging year for our local food growers.
However, rainfall was only slightly above average for the month. And once again, temperatures were lower than usual.

6th.Novenber 2016
Just the usual climate statistics update for Adelaide on the Gardening Calendar. October was the coolest on record. though not the wettest.
This does NOT mean that the planet is not warming.
Weather & variability are different from climate, and climate trends.
We are emitting more C02 than ever.
There's plenty on this website to help you make positive changes.What Can I Do?

27th.October 2016
We live in the Southern Hemisphere! No amount of globalisation will change this. It is Beltane, the first signs of Summer.

Samhain marks the beginning of Winter, and Hallowe'en celebrations are appropriate only in the Northern Hemisphere.
See Seasons & Calendars

6th.October 2016
I have updated the Gardening Calendar for September. In spite of the storms & flooding in SA, rainfall in Adelaide this month did not break the 1992 record.

Bill Mollison, co-originator of Permaculture died on September 24th. aged 88. http://www.echo.net.au/2016/09/permaculture-design-leader-bill-mollison-dies/.
A Facebook page has been set up as a memorial, your favourite search engine - yes! there are more than one! - will find it, and plenty more tributes.
On a more personal note, our local Permaculture community is mourning the death of Sue Carver, a friend, colleague, and all-round eco-warrior, aged only 54. More about Sue later.

19th.September 2016
Good wishes for the Equinox. The Gardening Calendar has also been updated with 2016 August figures. Many thanks to Glenys Livingstone for: SPRING EQUINOX

8th.August 2016
As promised, I've updated the gardening calendar with the July figures, also added Full & Dark Moon dates & times - Dark Moon is what the astronomers call 'New' Moon. But not those people who use a lunar calendar to time their festivals. New Moon is the first appearance of the crescent moon just after sunset.

29th.July 2016
I've placed a link on my front page to Glenys' page for this seasonal festival.
And I shall be updating the gardening calendar as soon as the July figures become available. The dams & reservoirs are all full to overflowing. Goddess be Blessed!

28th.June 2016
The last 4 days have been focussed on completely revamping the Gardening, Food, & Weather Calendar for Adelaide.
Thanks once again to Andrew Leane for the heads-up and motivation.
It's leaner, stats. are up-to-date, and site navigation & links are at the end of the page, so you can go straight to the month you want Or straight to the plain text mobile version.
Whether I'll remember to update it each month as I once used to, I don't know. If I forget, I'd be delighted if you were to remind me.

24th.June 2016
Two days ago Andrew Leane, who teaches web design to High School students in Adelaide, kindly emailed me to tell me my Garden Calendar didn't display properly on mobile devices. I hadn't previously thought about this - it's a problem easily solved on a PC or laptop, simply by adjusting the resolution. On a very small screen, this adjustment could create problems for some people.
While Andrew also offered to show me how to fix this, I thought of a work-around, which I have now uploaded. All pages with borders now have a link at the top to a mobile text only version.

I am aware that borders are very old-fashioned, but they are one of the things that made the early days of web design such fun. Many artists created lovely graphic designs which they generously put in the public domain. Most of these use very little data, and I like to use them because they add something to a page, and so that they wonn't be forgotten in these days of extravagant and unneccessarily complex websites.

Hopefully the use of mobile devices will result in the reversal of this deplorable trend.

17th.June 2016
Glenys Livingstone's Yule/Litha page for 2016
This page doesn't stay up for long, so go there soon, or sign up for Glenys' emails.
Whether I'll make a page myself this year I'm not sure, but on my Seasons Page are links to pages I made in previous years.

30th.April 2016
Today is Samhain. A clear and chilly dawn, but a forecast max. of 26°C. Altogther an unseasonably warm & dry month, but no doubt we can expect more & worse.
I've put a link on my Season's page to Glenys Livingstone's current musings.
Thank you once again, Glenys, for your insight and energy.

23rd.March 2016
Today is my 78th.birthday, and I've finally found the energy & time (it comes in that order these days!) to update Glenys Livingstone's seasonal link:
On taking a look at the website following the Permaculture advances recently launched at THE JOINERY I realise that it really needs a makeover.
Not the style - I always intend to keep it simple - but some of the older pages now read rather oddly. Considering much of it was written in 1998/9, that's not surprising. And some things are now out of date, external links especially, although almost all the information is still relevant.
If the inspiration, energy, & time coincide, I'll have a go. Now the worst of the hot weather seems to be over, I am feeling much livlier. But there's such a lot to catch up on.
Meanwhile, I'm always delighted to hear from those of you who have found their way here.

Rainbow Blessings!

31st.January 2016
No new pages I'm afraid, but for those of you truly interested in the seasonal cycles, celebrations, and goddess spirituality, I keep Glenys Livingstone's Paigaian links up to date on the Seasons page. In fact, I recommend you to link directly to her site & register for her regular emails, including celebrations on U-tube.
I've had only one enquiry about not having a December Solstice page, so it seems that fewer people are interested in lengthy musings these days.

NO WAY am I going on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, or any other social media site.
As a Crone, I am concerned with deep meaning, geologic time, and enjoying the company of my sister Crones. We may seem only to be knitting or crocheting, but our projects - the 5000 poppies, and Trauma Teddies - are forms of weaving the web, and concern with dark & deep issues.
Back to Samhain 2018

2nd.August 2015
Brigit/Lammas 2015 - stay warm - or cool! - whichever is appropriate.

20th.June 2015
This page for the Winter Solstice, which happens in Adelaide early in the morning of June 22nd.,focuses on good news. June Solstice 2015
It IS there. Look & listen for good news first, because what we first hear tends to stick in the mind. It means changing the way we get our news, but believe me, it's worth the effort!

24th.April 2015
Gallipoli Centenary, Southern Hemisphere Samhain, Northern Hemispehere Beltane.
After a nine month silence, I am once again more or less reliably online, & this offering is just a catch-up on personal news.

23rd.July 2014
I've finally removed the pages describing my experiments in personal lifestyle aka peculiar habits; also the Virtual Tour created in 2011.
I'm constantly having to adjust to the physical & mental challenges of ageing, & while I still do what I can, I find this varies almost from day to day. Some days I can do all the things I used to, others it's an effort to get out of bed. So leaving these pages would create an entirely false impression. I never intended that others should adopt my various eccenticities anyway. We each have to find our own way, according to our own lives & capacities.
Never waste energy on feeling guilty - what matters is that you care.

I think I've removed all the internal links to these pages, but should you come across one, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know.

21st.June 2014
An almost exclusively southern hemisphere winter solstice page for this year. My apologies to my friends in the North, but if you read it perhaps you will understand. Winter Solstice 2014

21st.May 2014
A new page: Using Unfamiliar Food Plants contains some useful information, & guidelines, on using unfamiliar plants for food. This is NOT a list of what is or is not edible, it contains links to sites with this information, but is intended to help you make decisions about trying new plant foods.
It is in my Plant Lists that I give notes on my personal experience with using plants that I have grown.

14th.May 2014 -Full Moon Eve
I've checked a lot of external links over the last few months, and made many small but essential updates.
This is the 25th.Lunar Anniversary of the Full Moon that first liberated the RainbowWeb energy. Blessed Be!

1st.February 2014
Here is a page for the 2014 February Cross-quarter days, and for Chinese New Year:
Lammas, lughnasad, and everything else in February 2014!

22nd.December 2013
Inspired by some of the responses to the Solstice page, I have updated & edited Deep Ecology & Re-earthing and added three items to Resources and Inspirations.
I particularly commend you to Tony Federer's book "EcoShift" listed among the new items.
I have also made some minor amendments to the hair care section of the third in my series of laundry leaflets, & spaced out the links on the Index to all my articles, so they are easier to read.

19th.December 2013
A Summer Solstice page for my friends - December Solstice with love and rainbow blessings!
Have a peaceful and restorative holiday season, may you return from your celebrations energised and refreshed!

20th November 2013
The College Park-Hackney group of Sustainable Communies SA has produced an updated version of their popular recycling brochure, which is now on this website, as well as the SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES SA website. The brochure concentrates on making the fullest possible use of Kerbside Recycling, and especially on how to recycle stuff that isn't accepted in Kerbside bins.
There are two versions, one in pdf, which is ready for printing - both side of 2 sheets of A4, and one in rtf format, which you can read onscreen, or re-format in your own programme for printing, using pre-used paper.
No Such Thing as Rubbish(pdf)
No Such Thing as Rubbish (rtf)
I have also added these links to each of my recycling pages:
Radical Recyling
Really Radical Recycling
Just Let Me Get My Hands on Your Rubbish!
3 page list of recycling/upcycling tips written originally for the SA Permaculture Journal
Free Stuff

7th.September 2013
Some good news on election day. I've discovered both an environemntally friendly bamboo toothbrush, & a range of toothpastes without flavouring or unnecessary additives - both from Australian companies! See Alternative Tooth Care for details.

20th.June 2013
May you have a wonderful Solstice!
After a long break here is a sort of Solstice page for my friends. June Solstice 2013

6th.June 2013
Some minor, but important changes.
Chokos and their uses have been moved from Past Plants back to the vines list, and Cape Gooseberries back to the Perennials list.
I've made an additional site map, for the recycling pages, and linked all three sitemaps, to make recycling information more readily accessible. These pages are all on this site - any external links are in UPPER CASE

26th.April 2013
A small, but notable update,to Australia's population figure on the front page - 23 million! Too many?

10th.February 2013
I've removed the link to the Virtual Tour - because of an accident, followed by a mild stroke which has left me partially blind, I am now somewhat slower than I used to be, and can't keep up with all my systems, though I still do my best. But it no longer accurately documents the way I live.
But I shall still update pages from time to time, and the most recent is to edit You Can Save the Earth to link this page to the Radical Recycling page, update below:

14th.October 2012
Have edited and updated my Radical Recycling pages - Radical Recycling and Really Radical Recycling. Prompted by my neighbour's plumbing problems - pipe was completely filled with toilet paper. Using low-flush toilets, & only flushing when absolutely necessary, have increased the incidence of this problem.
Paper which is only wet can & should be composted. A small bin beside the toilet will keep it neatly, & can be emptied into the compost or green bin bag each day. Only soiled paper should be flushed away, using a full flush.

16th.February 2012
After a long period of mourning and re-adjustment, I've finally updated the Virtual Tour. The only changes are to add an up-to-date photo of the entrance, which has changed somewhat, and photos of the damage to the almond tree by possums - to avoid overkill I haven't included pictures of the apple & persimmon, which were literally stripped of their leaves as each one emerged - and of the now dead avocado tree.
I have also updated the statistics on the Gardening, Food, & Weather calender & made some small additions to Radical Recycling and Really Radical Recycling

1st.November 2011
I have recently discovered a lovely new publication about responsible Cat ownership, called; "Good Cats Play at Home"
Go to my own page on this subject for a link and phone number; Responsible Cat Ownership. I apologise to anyone who is missing my usual seasonal page - life is a bit challenging at present, and it's taking all my energy just to cope with day to day tasks.

9th.October 2011
I have changed the picture, and consequently the text on the home page
Since the avocado tree suddenly died - though I haven't yet totally given up hope of a partial recovery - it no longer seemed appropriate to keep it's photograph on my front page.

21st.September 2011
The September Equinox page is now up. While I've done some 'tweaking' to several files, there's nothing major, except for the various recycling/rubbish pages. Links are on the Equinox page anyway. Hope you really make the most of the season.

1st.August 2011
The page for the August cross-quarter day is now up Imbols, Oimelc, Candlemas &Brigit!.
Since the need for resilience is a subject that's recently been brought to my notice, I've written some rather more personal stuff than I would previously have liked to do, and edited some of the linked pages as well. But I think it's important to share my journey more fully when so many others are making difficult decisions. I hope it will be helpful.

20th.June 2011
The June Solstice page is up. I hope you will also take a look at the new pages, and pages newly edited since Samhain/Beltane.
Free Stuff - Rubbish! - A Good Death - weather and gardening calendar - Earthy Links - Permaculture links - and Friends
I've really, truly finally finished tweaking the Virtual Tour

10th.June 2011
A little more tweaking, & some new pages!Go to Free Stuff, the new link is near the end of the page. (Remember links in UPPER CASE are external to this site - only links in lower case are on Re-earth the Cities!) To continue with the promised construction of that page I decided to scan most of the various articles I've written for journals on recycling, rather than re-typing all the text. Or go straight to Rubbish!. And there's a new page about my stove, replacing the link on the Virtual Tour.
Having received thet latest stats. from AmetA, I've updated the weather and gardening calendar with April's figures.

7th.June 2011
I think I've finally finished tweaking! Take another look, if you haven't already - Virtual Tour

29th.May 2011
I have finally finished illustrating the Virtual Tour of the RainbowWeb which I created for National Permaculture Day. This has involved creating a few new pages, as some of the illustrations needed some explanation. While I may still do some tweaking from time to time, it is complete. Enjoy!

30th.April 2011
The first day of Samhain, or Beltane if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.
I am about to/have also written a Virtual Tour in recognition of National Permaculture Day 2011, and have added fresh links to all 3 links pages - Earthy Links - Permaculture links - and Friends.

25th.March 2011
This entire website is now available for download as a zip file - 7.52Mb. or on CD. Please email me for details.

18th.March 2011
I've managed to get the March Equinox page up early :)
I thought it was important to remind people that there's a Full Moon to celebrate as well as the new season.
I'm afraid I've concentrated pretty much on Autumn this time, though it's mostly about world stuff. So to my Northern hemisphere friends, I hope you too have much to celebrate and be thankful for, in spite of everything. I wish I could remember who it was who said: "Be hopeful, though you have considered all the facts!"

5th.March 2011
I've now finished checking & updating all external links - till next time!! Also I've edited & uploaded two pages from those I designed and wrote for the old PASA website back in 1998 - or was it 1999? What is Permaculture? and Bioregionalism. They contain good general information, and it seems a pity to waste them. Links on Permaculture Links and Permaculture Design on this site

26th.February 2011
I have just finished checking and correcting external links on the main pages. Please remember that I use UPPER CASE for external links, and lower case for those to other pages on my website (except where I use the actual URL of an external site.) So you should always know when you are leaving my site.
I have also just finished updating the weather statistics on the Gardening Calendar

21st.February 2011
I have just updated the site map, and the Rough Guide. About time too! I've also checked the external links on my 3 links pages.Permaculture Links Worldwide.........Earthy Links - these are more general sustainablity links, though there is some duplication...........and Friends which is self-explanatory!

1st.February 2011
Just in time - the page for 2nd.February! Lughnasad, Lammas, Thing-tide 2011(Brigid, Oimelc, Imbolc).
Once again, I've struggled with this - maybe retrograde Saturn opposing my natal Mercury by transit. Looks set to last until October too!

21st.December 2010
Finally, a special seasonal page and newsletter. I've struggled with this, finally everything fell into place when, having woken ridiculously early, I switched on the radio and heard a marvellous discussion on Urban Food Production. Just because I haven't been doing much until recently, other people have, all over the world. I know you are too! Keep it up!

17th.December 2010
Minor updates to Alternative tooth care ; You Can Save the Earth!, and the site map.

16th.December 2010
You may notice that I have made a small but significant change in the title of the website. It is now imperative - Re-earth the Cities! - hopefully this will have more impact. Time is getting short. I have also created an email address specifically for website mail: reearththecities@internode.on.net. My personal email address remains arachne@internode.on.net, so please keep this in your address book, and use it for all personal stuff.

6th.December 2010
I've decided it's about time I promoted my booklet The Permaculture Journey much more widely. I wrote it originally as a series of articles about Permaculture for a local paper. That was in 1994. Although it's always been on the website, and has been re-printed in "Earthwise Women" and "Silverwheel", many people still don't know about it, although I'm told it is still the best brief explanation of the Permaculture concept available. So, as well as making it available through PASA & PEZ at a nominal price, as a 10-page booklet, I've added a link to the text on the navigation bar of all my main pages. There is also a printer friendly version on the site.

11th.November 2010
I've added an important new link on the links pages, also to Free Stuff, and You can live lightly on the Earth! It's to Kim Hill's blog, which contains the text of her extraordinary publication: HOW TO HAVE AN AMAZINGLY ADVENTUROUS LIFE FOR ZERO DOLLARS A DAY.
Links on Free Stuff and Yes! You CAN live lightly on the Earth take you to a site where you can purchase this definitive text in hard copy for only $3.

20th.June 2010
Winter Solstice happens during a real winter this year. And hopefully Summer will be just as seasonal for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere.
Here's the Solstice Page.

30th.April 2010
Samhain is here again (Beltane for friends in the North. Have a wonderful celebration, if you didn't already do it at the Full Moon!Samhain/Beltane - May 2010

18th.March 2010
Best wishes for the March Equinox, whether you are in the Southern or Northern hemisphere.
I've also updated the intro. page, and will gradually be updating plant lists and other key pages, since things have changed significantly in the last 3 years, and although I've mentioned them in my seasonal greetings, I haven't been able to keep up with them on the website itself!

28th.January 2010
I've put the Lughnasad/Brigit page up in plenty of time, because of the Leo(Fire) Full Moon at the end of January - some may wish to combine their celebrations.

22nd.December 2009
Just the usual special page for the Seasonal celebration of Solstice. It's a little late, for which I apologise to those who came looking for it before receiving my email. But it's there now!
December Solstice 2009

31st.October 2009
Just a new page for Beltane/Samhain, depending on whether you live in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere.

17th.September 2009
Mostly minor editing, but I have for the first time in 3 years made a special page for the
September Equinox.
I also apologise to those of you with slow connections: since I have been using a digital camera, new image files are much larger than the older ones. Unfortunately picture quality is not as good with this new technology, and I can't reduce the resolution as much as I would like.


Webmasters! There is no excuse for crashing someone else's browser!
In fact it's a form of discrimination!
There are many good reasons why people are still using older OSs. Older browsers are not memory hungry, and make internet access possible for many who would not otherwise have it.
It is true that some 'free' hosts cover their costs by loading their servers with unsolicited ads.which are responsible for the crash, NOT the author of the page.
Web Authors - if this has happened to you
Talk to them - Geocities and Yahoo stopped doing it because we made a fuss!
As for poor html code - if your web programme doesn't give good results, learn to write basic html, or better still, XML, yourself. It's not hard. And you have much better control. Before you add too many bells and whistles, ask yourself whether they really enhance the site.
Visit the THE ANYBROWSER CAMPAIGN for more information.


A heartfelt thankyou to everyone who has sent me email & positive feedback - it's SO good to be reminded there really is someone out there!

If you find a broken link, PLEASE email me. There are email links on all the main pages, you shouldn't have to go far to find one, & it is really helpful to any webperson when people take the trouble to do this.

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