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Margaret's Sustainability Articles


Finding Sustainable Solutions

in an inner Sydney suburb shows the way of the future.
When you've completed your virtual tour, please visit their links page, which will lead you to similar projects world-wide, also visit Michael's HomePage. Tour the house for $15 on any Monday morning, between 10.30 & 11.10 am, no appointment needed.

Meanwhile, here's how You Can Save the Earth!

A truly sustainable lifestyle involves the whole of life.
For many of us this will mean re-examining our attitudes towards many things, and perhaps making some difficult decisions.
Sustainablility is, in fact, very much about taking personal responsibility for every aspect of our lives.
In other words - taking charge.

At the beginning of life HOME BIRTH and BREAST FEEDING need to be considered,
as well as the kinds of baby foods and nappies (diapers) you plan to use.
Taking responsibility for one's health, and that of the family involves all kinds of decisions.
Sustainable choices about food, beverages, caring for and using your body, transport, recreation, exercise, primary health care, simple home remedies, medical practitioners and alternative therapists - all these lead to good general health, a robust immune system, and swift recovery from the occasional illness or accident.
Ageing and death are inevitable, and the earlier we turn from the ageist and death-denying attitudes of the consumer culture, and embrace both as necessary and desirable in the cycles of life, the richer our lives, and those of the elders will be.
Elderwoman, and TheLilypad List- 7 steps to the simple life, both books by MARIAN VAN EYK McCAIN
and published by FINDHORN PRESS are wise and sympathetic guides to ageing,
written not from theorising, but from real experience.

We all need to consider how we want the end of our lives to unfold, and to look at our options.
If you are one of the many who dread the thought of the end of your life being dominated by, and unnecessarily prolonged by the use of technological medicine, make enquiries about how you can take charge in advance. Many legislatures now provide for you to make a Living Will, a legally binding document which clearly sets out your wishes should you become unable to convey them clearly due to illness or disability.

We can plan our funeral, and pay for it, well in advance, and take advantage of the many sustainable options becoming available, such as cardboard coffins, and memorial trees.
THE NATURAL DEATH CENTRE lists relevant information world-wide.

is currently only available in a few enlightened Legislatures, though hopefully this will gradually change.
Surely those whose quality of life is hopelessly diminished by terminal or incurable conditions should have the right,
if they so wish, to choose to die with dignity.


Many of us now make a point of taking discarded but useable items to charity shops, thus helping them to raise funds, and at the same time assisting those who have little money to spare for life's necessities.
We are also familiar with the concept of recycling.
But an original and creative concept has been made feasible by the Internet:
Visit the FREECYCLE website for more information.
If there isn't a group in your area, why not start one?
You can go on the Net at your local library or community house if you don't have a home computer.

More about Free Stuff

Freegans are committed to living as far as possible on stuff discarded by others, and gleaned items
Dumpster Diving, Urban Gleaning, wild foods -
it's amazing how little it is really necessary to buy.

Radical Recycling

The Outdoor Bath


Street Gardening

Letters and Articles


Click here for some truly earthy and sustainable links

Herbs in an inner city garden. Hellebore flowers can be pressed and pasted attractively on homemade stationery...... Achillea or yarrow is a decorative herb. Dried yarrow sticks were used for casting the I Ching, while Druids believed it strengthened warriors for battle:
'I will pluck the yarrow fair
That more brave shall be my hand
That more warm shall be my lips
That more swift shall be my foot.....'

It is a powerful astringent, & an effective compost accelerator.

Click on the picture for important Earthy Links

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The mission of the WebLife project is to provide a free space for powerful information that supports all of life.
Online library, wonderful links - please visit this site


A site packed with information on sustainability in every field.
Includes recipes for making bio-fuels.


Sustaining motivation

In more than 50 years of working with people, plants, & communities, I have learned that the real task is to
reach the hearts & minds, the souls & spirits,
of our fellow humans.
Once we begin to re-connect with the earth & her creatures, we will experience the desire, ever more passionate, to live more harmoniously with them, and to develop skills & attitudes to make this possible.
So, while this site contains many practical, 'how-to' pages & links, there is also much which is concerned with the opening of hearts & the growth of the human spirit.
EARTH ECHO - Art Reflecting Earth's Spirit     'Earth Echo' - Art reflecting Earth's Spirit


In selecting such material I have been pretty eclectic. Diversity, in beliefs, & in life-styles, as well as life-forms, makes for healthy eco-systems.

A sense of humour is also essential if we are to keep our sanity.

Urban Legends website
As well as alerting us to hoaxes and scams

this site takes a wry, amusing, & thought-provoking look at the human race.

The labyrinth motif is found at ancient sites all over the world

Walking the Labyrinth is one way of re-connecting with the earth which has been used from ancient times, & is now being revived by many

And the University of Adelaide has recently made a LABYRINTH at the WAITE ARBORETUM


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