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Margaret's Sustainability Articles

Links to some of Margaret's writing about Sustainabilty

The 10 pamphlets that follow were originally designed, in 1989, so that
they could be photocopied onto the blank back of a sheet of previously used
coloured paper, then folded to make a booklet.
See a much-used original, typed on my recycled typewriter!.
They were written to support a series of environmental workshops sponsored by the SA Energy Forum,
and an Environmental Information Exchange, based at the Campbelltown Community Health Centre.
Shows just how long this information has been around!

Fresh as a Daisy 1 - general laundry without polluting our waterways
Fresh as a Daisy 2 - washing wollens, blankets, quilts & eiderdowns
Fresh as a Daisy 3 - washing up, hair care, & tooth care
Fresh as a Daisy 4 - household cleaning, from floor to ceiling
Fresh as a Daisy 5 - washing cloth nappies
Fresh as a Daisy 6 - greasy overalls, massage linen, really dirty washing,
bleaching, soaking, stains, & other oddments of information

Top to Toe Beauty using Natural Substances

Quick 'n Easy Organic Food from Your Own Garden

Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

Environmentally Aware Shopping

I also compiled & distributed the following series of leaflets compiled from
material published by the 'Simple living Collective' of the American Society of friends.

See Taking Charge their seminal work on Simple Living

Buying Instead of Being

Environmentally Aware Shopping - Food

Environmentally Aware Shopping -Clothes

Some Questions about Lifestyle

The Shakertown Pledge

Next is a selection of queries from the 'Ask Margaret' column in
EarthWise Women, an Australian environmental journal for women

Reducing Water Consumption & Recycling Water

Rainwater in Cities - is it Safe to use?


Using Citrus Peel

Recycling - Is It Worthwhile?

Noise Pollution

Washing a woollen underquilt

Wood as a Fuel Source

Doggy Do or Doggy Don't!

Two-car Family Feels Guilty


Ants & Electricity

Nitrogen Fixers & Green Manure

Is using household ammonia preferable to soap & soda?

Controlling Earwigs

Planting by the Moon - Does it Work?


The Deep Ecology Movement written for the first issue of 'The Golden Age', in 1988

What's It Worth? - Using LETS to change the system (LETS newsletter, early 90s)

Not Mere Survival, but another Way of Living Written in 1992 for "The Rippling Web"

Permaculture articles:
Inner City Oasis An article from Permaculture International Journal, 1992 about Margaret's habitat, by Steve Payne.

The Value of Time An article written in 1993 for Observation, the journal of the Permaculture Information Exchange

The Permaculture Journey Written for "The Adelaide Ray"in 1994. Since re-published in Earthwise Women,
Silverwheel, and the SA Permaculture Quarterly.
Also available in hard copy at various Permaculture & community events.

What is Permaculture Design? - written by Margaret in 1998 for, and now adapted from, the old PASA website.

Bioregionalism - also written by Margaret in 1998 for, and adapted from, the old PASA website.

Re-earthing the Cities written for the Permaculture International Journal, 1999

Portable PermacultureSome design notes for people who move around a lot.

Jerusalem Artichokes An article written for the International Permaculture Journal #54

Vegans, Vegetarians, and Permaculture(Some meat could be greener than veg!)Written for the SA Permaculture Quarterly, Summer 2004

Just wait until I get my hands on your rubbish!
Some stuff about radical recycling, scanned from various issues of International Permaculture Journal.

No such thing as rubbish
A 3 page article about Radical Recycling written for the SA Permaculture Quarterly in 2003

Self-explanatory Bits and Pieces
Borax is not a green cleaner!

Alternative Ways of Looking after your Teeth

Free Stuff

Using Unfamiliar Food Plants

About World War Two, where my education in sustainability began.
written for, and now on, the City Farmer Website. (Or download text only from here)

A GIRL'S LIFE IN LONDON 1939 - 1945 - my story, written for the HISTORY PLACE (Or download text only from here)

A Green Childhood in 1940s London


This site is responsive, if you have comments, questions or feedback, please email me
with questions & suggestions. Your feedback will help keep the site relevant & useful.
I'm happy for you to reproduce any of this material, with acknowledgements and a link back to the specific page,
but I'd appreciate it if you contact me first

And in reply to several queries:
I hold a Certificate of Permaculture Design, an Advanced Certificate in Permaculture Education, and a Permaculture Diploma in Site Development,
Permaculture Education, and Community Development, all accredited by the Permaculture Institute in Australia.
I was also honoured to receive a Permaculture Community Service Award in 1994.
This all happened before I changed my name - see The Story of the RainbowWeb if you are curious.
If you have any problems checking with the Institute's Records, please email me.

Some people have said they want to see a photo of me!! You can see a couple on: Radical Recycling and a couple more on Permaculture Journal 1999. I am older, but haven't changed much. Should still be recognisable from these!

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Margaret's Sustainability Articles

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