Beltane/Samhain 2003

Summer flowers

Why observe and celebrate the interactions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun?

The Festivals and Fasts of all human belief systems originated with this Cosmic Dance.
Whatever your belief system, or even if you don't have one, why not commit yourself this year
to re-aligning with natural rhythms?
You will benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For those who think such practices are mere superstition here are some relevant quotes from
"Permaculture - A Designer's Manual"
by Bill Mollison

"We cannot know more than a fraction of what exists.
We will always be a minor part of the information system"

Methods of Design - 3.10.3

"Nothing we can observe is regular, partly because we ourselves are imperfect observers.
We tell fortunes, (or lose them) on the writhing of entrails, or cathode ray graphics;
on the scatters of dice or bones, or on arrays of measures.
Are the readings of tea-leaves any less reliable than the projections of pollsters?"

Pattern Understanding - 4.1.

"When the world is sick the animals will start to disappear, and the Rainbow Warriors will come to save them"
flowering vines

From PASA Calendar, November 1988

Summer flowers
"The Earth is capable of replenishing herself and supplying every living thing with a home and sustenance"
Sarah King

"Connect with ourselves
    Connect with each other
    Connect with the Earth"

This is the Permaculture Ethic

"The difference between ourselves and tribal aboriginals is that we have erected barriers of logic
which prevent us seeing clearly into our dreaming"

Melva Jean Roberts

Summer flowers

November 1st. is the time to celebrate Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere.
Equivalent to May Day in the North, it marks the beginning of Summer.
These ancient Fire Festivals are older than the Solar festivals,
and their timing involves local interactions between landscape and Sun.
One of the most spectacular instances of such an interaction, a double sunrise, may be observed
on the traditional dates of Beltane and Lammas at Silbury Hill, near Marlborough in Wiltshire UK.
It appears that this ancient man-made mound was designed to produce this phenomenon.
Summer still seems a long way off this year in Adelaide. This has been the coldest October since 1946, and although the drought did not break locally until June, we have now exceeded our Annual average rainfall.
Frequent destructive winds, and in some areas hail, combines with this unusual weather to remind us that
Global Warming is no myth!
Nevetheless, the gardens are full of flowers, and the scent of roses as I step through the door is intoxicating.
The young of the birds which nest in my garden are now adolescent, but their penetrating cries of:
"FEED ME!" assault my ears from sunrise to sundown.

Oakleaves in Autumn

In the North, people will be celebrating Samhain, All Souls' and Hallowe'en on October 31st,
and All Saints'on 1st.November.
This is a time for sober reflection in preparation for the winter.
Time to think of those facing extreme hardship, disease and death as a result of being forced to live
in refugee camps, and shell and bomb-damaged buildings during winter.
Time to collect and/or make blankets for blanket appeals for the homeless.
Time to honour all the beloved dead, and also to remember those who died unknown,
unburied and unmourned.
Time to commit ourselves to working for Peace, for WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER!
And it does mean WORK!                     
Viggo Mortensen recently wrote:

"There is probably no such thing as a lasting peace,
any more than a garden will ever cease to need weeding and watering."

This shows a more realistic understanding of our shared human nature
than that of the peace-loving feel-good romantic,
and one which all gardeners and Permies can readily appreciate.
Something else we might consider is how so-called "peaceful trade" has killed as many as has war.
The casualties of economic rationalism, globalisation of trade, and the WTO are mounting daily.
I remember hearing
Bill Mollison say:

"Agriculture is no longer about growing food. It's about making money!"

The same is now largely true of medicine.How many are starving, or dying from lack of medicines
and proper care, because the love of money is more important to us,
and therefore to our elected (and non-elected!) representatives
than the love of their fellow creatures?

Visit some of the pages on: EARTHWATCH and take at look at some of the facts

The November Full Moon occurs at 01.14hrs GMT on the 9th.November, at 16°13'of Taurus.
There is a total Lunar eclipse at 1.20hrs. and an accompanying interesting planetary pattern
in our solar system which is causing excitement in certain circles.
Use the Global Meditations link on this page to learn more.
The November Dark Moon is at 23.00hrs GMT on 23rd.November in 1°14'of Saggitarius.
It is preceded by a non-central solar eclipse at 22.50hrs
The December Full Moon is on 8th.December, 20.38hrs.GMT and at 16°20' of Gemini.
Summer Solstice falls on December 22nd. at 7.05hrs.GMT,
followed by the December Dark Moon at 9.44hrs.GMT on December 23rd.
Find out what time these things will happen for you at the

Here is more about the cycles of the Moon
from the Permaculture Association of South Australia's 1988 Calendar

Is this the beginning of Summer, or the beginning of Winter for you?

More about Solar and Lunar Festivals in Southern Australia

And a final thought, from the Introduction to the Designer's Manual, on Permaculture Design Philosophy:

"A person of courage today is a person of Peace.
The courage we need is to refuse authority, and to accept only personally responsible decisions."

with love from Margaret RainbowWeb The World Turns  - click to go to Global Meditations

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