Sunrise in Northern New South Wales - photo by Mark Ingram

This is the first Samhain, or All Souls Night, since the events of September 11th. Perhaps this year it may be possible to reclaim the original meaning of this sacred festival, and to celebrate the lives of those who have gone before.

If, tragically, you are not able to have a funeral service for a loved one, this is a really good time for the setting up of sacred space dedicated to their memory. The energy of the Full Moon in Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio, will give strength for the task, and endow it will deep meaning. It is a great opportunity to embark upon your healing journey.

You may find it helpful to visit a site which explains the history and concept of MEXICAN DAY OF THE DEAD. Many indigenous peoples besides the Mexicans, have parallel traditions for this night, and the Christian Church later incorporated this important festival into it's own calendar.

The Whole is better than the Good

In the South we celebrate Beltane, which in the light of the Full Moon promises particularly powerful energies for fruitfulness and fertility. But we remember our human kin in their sorrow, and offer them the promise of new life arising from the ashes.
In the Blue Mountains we have already had the first bushfires of the season. And we know that the fire actually allows seeds which cannot germinate except in its presence, to send out green shoots and regenerate the apparently devastated landscape.

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