One of the magnificent standing stones at Avebury in Wiltshire UK

As those of you in the North prepare to spend All Hallows remembering the dead and honouring the ancestors, remember that the feast of Samhain, though solemn, is also a time of rejoicing. We rejoice in the legacy of those who trod the Way before us. We celebrate their lives, give thanks for their achievements, and contemplate their wisdom. Most of all we are grateful for the fact that love never dies, and that we are surrounded by the love they gave during their lifetimes.
We grieve with and comfort the newly bereaved, those who have been parted from loved ones during the last solar cycle.
In Guatemala the Kogo people fly kites to send news of all that has happened during the past year to those who have died, while in many traditions feasts are held in the graveyards so that the spirits of the ancestors can take part.

Beltane comes for inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere, with bonfires & feasting. Couples often choose Beltane for their handfasting, and the mood is one of unrestrained joy & creativity. Trees are in full leaf, flowers abound, & the world is full of life. Birds, butterflies, & gauzy-winged dragonflies fill the air with colour, the frogs & cicadas are tentatively trying out their voices. We bask in the warm Spring sunshine as we see the days lengthen.

Day and Night balance one another around the globe

with love from Margaret RainbowWebThe World Turns

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