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April-May 2015, Samhain,
Gallipoli Centenary

~ Beltane in Northern Hemisphere ~

Some of Walkerville's 5000 Poppies

Some of the almost 5000 Poppies made since October 2014 by people in
Walkerville, South Australia.

This small part of the 5000 POPPIES PROJECT is based in Walkerville Library
and supported by the TOWN OF WALKERVILLE

Wreath & History Display

This Gallipoli Centenary Local History Display uses just a few of the poppies.

"I see the rainbow through the rain,
and feel the promise is not vain,
that Life shall endless be!"



This is the first page I've written since the Winter Solstice, & the first Samhain page since I fell & fractured my pelvis, losing the sight of an eye as a collorary. So it's just personal stuff, no philosophical ramblings!

Just after the Solstice I was given the gift of two great-grandsons!

Since then I have.....
become a member of the Adelaide Zoo & spent a lot of time there;

crocheted hundreds of poppies while enjoying the company of
some of my contemporaries as well as that of some delightful younger people;

finally accepted that I have a salicylate allergy, and begun severely restricting my diet
to accommodate it, with excellent results;

with the help of my ISP, once approached about the problems of living in a wifi blackspot
sorted out the internet connection I've struggling with ever since
being unable to get a dial-up modem for my laptop;

Bought a small pond to use as a more manageable outdoor bath than those I had previously.
It also fits in my shower recess - just! for winter use.

welcomed several very nice new neighbours, & made some new friends,
well as hearing from a number of old ones.

All this while being threatened with, and then invaded by what seemed like hoards of workmen.

Starting in August, there were unannounced visits by inspectors & planners,
umpteen phone calls,
tests for asbestos in the structure,(negative!) then, in October -

Carpenters tore down the gutters to replace rotted fascia boards.
Plumbers put up new gutters,
which was apparently easier (or cheaper?) than putting back the originals.
Finally four men arrived to re-paint the new woodwork & gutters!

Those of you who know how much I value my privacy, hate noise, & how wary I am of letting anyone, let alone strange large men, into my tiny domain, can imagine the distress this might have caused me. (PTSD is not for wimps!). In addition to which I had to remove all the creepers and climbers around the house, to allow them access to the work.

But my daughter Cerridwen, & my gardener Kevin, who is my own personal Sam Gamgee & surrogate son, made sure I was not left alone during this process, & successfully negotiated with each set of tradesmen to accommodate my special needs.

The men were all courteous, as quiet as possible, didn't cause any serious damage to the garden; & took all their rubbish away with them.

One couldn't ask for more, and the maintenance was badly needed.
The weather was kind too, while the actual work was being done.

In spite of the very dry summer we have experienced, the jasmine, honeysuckle, & roses are all growing back strongly; I really did miss their shade during the hot weather.

The most positive & unexpected outcome of the experience is that I have become somewhat less nervous, & more sociable; though I am still hyper-alert & hyper-reactive, and no amount of physical activity seems to lower my blood pressure.

This summer has been extraordinarily productive. Throughout the district we have experienced bumper harvests, and now that my intake of fruit & some vegetables is restricted, I am not bothering to preserve them. Instead I'm passing them onto neighbours and those friends who do not have, or can no longer cope with, a garden.
I am so thankful that, with Kevin's invaluable help, I have so far been able to do so myself.

That's about all I can think of at present, so I'll stop, & hope that some of you will get back to me with your own news.
I'm NOT going to start a blog, but intend - Goddess willing! - to celebrate the seasons appropriately once again, as I have done in the past.

Samhain 2010
Samhain 2011

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