Reflections at the Equinox

Autumn colours reflected in the waters of the mighty Murray River

The March EQUINOX occurs this year at 13.32 GMT. These so-called EQUAL NIGHTS are regular patterns of physical phenomena unique to our planet, and yet part of the complex celestial dance. The orbit of our Earth around the Sun lies in a different plane from it's Celestial Equator, so these two great circles only cross twice in each year. And because of the wonderful symmetry of the Earth, when it is Spring in one Hemisphere, it is Autumn in the other.

is celebrated by many people at the March Equinox, while the September Equinox is designated
Whether this is for us the beginning of Spring, or of Autumn, it behoves us to reflect on the dramatically changing weather patterns we have all experienced since the last Equinox.
Here in South Australia we have had the hottest, and almost the driest, summer on record, while friends in
New South Wales and Brisbane have had repeated and devastating floods.
Another El Nino event is predicted for next season, and those who still deny the reality of the increased Greenhouse Effect are now very much a minority.
What can we do?
We need to Love, to Hope, to Trust, and to ACT!

When we truly love, we take care to do the little things which count, as well as the big ones. Every time we take a shorter shower, leave the car at home or make sure all the seats are filled when we drive to work, turn the heating or air-conditioning down a notch.... we know all these things, but often forget they apply to US as well as to others.
For the unconvinced, here is the slogan of the 1988 Greenhouse Conference:

If we live as if it matters, and it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter
But if we live as if it doesn't matter and it does matter, it does matter!

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