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Lughnasad, Lammas, Thing-tide 2011

~ Brigid, Imbolc, Oimelc, Disting, in Northern Hemisphere ~

Nectarines and Passionfruit Vine

Nectarines and Passionfruit vine - January 2005 - in a
small inner urban garden, with only 130 sq.metres of exposed soil available for cultivation.

"The Earth is capable of replenishing herself and supplying every living thing with a home and sustenance"
Sarah King


Lammas or Loaf-mass, or Lughnasad, is a harvest celebration.
Saxon Thing-tide was the time when the harvest was assessed and plans made accordingly for getting through the coming winter.
See also Seasons and Calendars for more information.

While most Aussies did their best to celebrate on our nearest public holiday,
Australia Day - 26th.January, for many, caught up in repeated devastating floods, and locust plagues,
it took a great deal of grit to do so. There wasn't that much unaffected harvest to celebrate.

Harvests worldwide have been devasted by extreme weather, and the consequent diseases and pests of all kinds.
And this summer it has really been brought home to us here in Australia.
Over the last year or so not just people, but organisations and corporations, have become increasingly concerned with food security.

One positive outcome is that suddenly Community Gardens have become acceptable, even supported, by various authorities.
Farmers' Markets, Community Markets, and simple neighbourhood 'Swap &Share' groups are proliferating.
And producing food and compost in the backyard, courtyard, or even on balconies, is being encouraged by a myriad TV, radio, & magazine features.
Those who have been doing this sucessfully, but unacknowledged, throughout their lifetimes, are now in demand to share their skills
It's easy to be disappointed if you're new to gardening, so do take note of Bill Mollison's wisdom,
which applies just as much to gardening as it does to Permaculture Design:

"Permaculture is about working with, rather than against Nature.
About protracted and thoughtful observation..............rather than protracted and thoughtless action."

There are several pages on this website worth taking a look at in this context:
Responsible Gardening, by George Seddon
Organic Gardening - is it sustainable?
Quick & easy organic food from your own garden
That's just for starters.
And there's plenty more, see the
Permaculture pages on this site
Moon planting - does it work?
and if you're a local
South Australia Garden Calendar

News from the RainbowWeb

I've been enjoying observing how the angle of the sun is now rapidly declining,
and how both ends of the day are markedly drawing in.
Venus is the Morning Star, and over the last few days the early morning sky has been spectacular,
with the waning crescent Moon and Venus brilliantly offset by the constellation of Scorpio.
Scorpio is our most recognisable winter constellation, and Orion the summer one.
The opposite is true in the Northern Hemisphere.

As I write, the house is finally cooling down after two days of 40+, and night temperatures of almost 30°
But although I choose not to install air-conditioning, and in spite of large areas of glass facing SW.
heavy shade from the trees I've planted all around the house kept the interior temperature comfortable
for most of the time, only towards the end of day two did it reach 30°
When night temperatures are cooler, it's even easier to keep interior temperatures down.
This year is such a contrast to 2009. This is the first burst of real heat we've had so far,
whereas in the last 2 summers we had record high temperatures, for record lengths of time.
The garden has responded by producing huge crops of fruit,
and although possums and birds still collect their rations, this year not only is there plenty for my immediate use,
but there will be enough for preserving, and perhaps also to give to friends and neighbours.

Over the last few weeks I've had the privilege of catching up with many women friends with whom I lost touch because of singing committments.
Also some new friends with similar interests to mine.
I now no longer enertain at home, but at the nearby Botanic Gardens, under the huge oak tree at the Kiosk.
Very relaxing for both parties, and enjoyable whatever the weather.


Why observe and celebrate the interactions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun?

The Festivals, Feasts, and Fasts of most human belief systems originated in our observations of this Cosmic Dance and it's effects.
Everything is affected by the changing seasons and the rhythm of the tides.

Balance of the hemispheres

Why not commit yourself this year to celebrating in tune with these natural rhythms?
You will benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will help you to truly re-earth.

For those who dismiss such practices are mere superstition, consider that:

"We cannot know more than a fraction of what exists. We will always be a minor part of the information system"
Methods of Design - 3.10.3

and that: "Nothing we can observe is regular, partly because we ourselves are imperfect observers.
We tell fortunes, (or lose them) on the writhing of entrails, or cathode ray graphics;
on the scatters of dice or bones, or on arrays of measures.
Are the readings of tea-leaves any less reliable than the projections of pollsters?"
Pattern Understanding - 4.1
from "Permaculture - A Designer's Manual" by Bill Mollison


Seasons and Calendars
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