Winter Solstice - June 2005

Winter darkness, Summer light

A winter dawn, photographed from my front garden

Wherever you are on the Earth
May you spend a blessed and peaceful Solstice!

And tonight the Full Moon will add it's magical ambience to our celebrations

Here in Adelaide the drought has truly broken. In the last 24 hours we received almost 50mm. (2 inches) of rain. Although the Northern and Southern parts of the State have not been quite so fortunate, most places have received useful rains, and farmers who have risked seeding are now hoping their faith will be rewarded with good follow-up rains.
In my garden there is plenty of food, in spite of the culling I have done over the last year, to reduce it's water requirement.
I have persimmons, avocados, oranges, & lemons, in abundance. The guavas and figs are just finishing, and the Cape Gooseberries starting, their fruiting season, and the Macadamia is still cropping well. The Ellendale mandarin is carrying a good crop, although this will not be ready to eat for another 8 weeks or more.The freezer is full of last Summer's peaches, nectarines, and apricots. I have bartered with friends for pistachios, early mandarins, potatos, eggs, and new season's olive oil. The sweet potatoes are ready to dig, & the tops, together with silver beet, Hamburg parsley, Warrigal Greens, dandelions, nasturtiums, & a variety of herbs, keep me supplied with greenstuff. There are several varieties of edible fungi growing wild in the locality, and just a few in my own garden.
And there is a wide variety of flowers to please the eye, perfume the air, and feed the birds, bees, and butterflies.

Autumn Leaves

To many of you in the Northern hemisphere, this must sound like Summer, especially when I tell you that, although snow is forecast for Yule in the hills, the average daytime temperature here in the city in June, is 16°C. I am indeed fortunate to live in such an amazing place. It is also interesting to note that the average annual rainfall for Adelaide and London is almost the same! Differences in humidity, average temperatures, evaporation rates, & the distribution of rainfall create the wide variation in actual climate. Though I note from the news that London is currently facing a serious water shortage. This, of course, is largely due to the huge difference in population - Adelaide's is only about 1/20th. of London's.
But it's a sharp reminder that:

"If we live as if it matters, and it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter;
but if we live as if it matters, and it does matter,
it DOES matter."

All times given here are Greenwich Mean Time
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Solar Calendar

June Solstice - 21st.June 6.47 GMT
Brigid, Imbolc, Candlemas - Southern Hemisphere,
Lammas, Lughnasad, Thing-tide - in the North
- 2nd.August

Lunar Calendar

Full Moon - 22nd. June 04.15 - GMT 0° Capricorn 51'
Dark Moon - 6th..July 12.04 GMT - 14° Cancer 31'
Full Moon - 21st.July 11.01 GMT - 28° Capricorn 47'

The New Moon occurs when
the first slender crescent is visible in the East at sunset
usually 2-3 days after Dark Moon

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Autumn Leaves

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from the Permaculture Association of South Australia's 1988 Calendar

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And a final thought, from the Introduction to the Designer's Manual, on Permaculture Design Philosophy:

"A person of courage today is a person of Peace.
The courage we need is to refuse authority, and to accept only personally responsible decisions."

with love from Margaret RainbowWeb

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