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Lughnasad, Lammas, Thing-tide 2014

~ Brigid, Imbolc, Oimelc, Disting, in Northern Hemisphere ~

Flowers of Morning Glory

In spite of extreme heat, and
watered only by the scant dew and rainfall we have had this summer,
these brave flowers somehow manage to brighten the dusty lane!

"The Earth is capable of replenishing herself and supplying every living thing
with a home and sustenance"
Sarah King

These Cross-quarter days have nothing to do with Astrology,
or remnants of primitive superstition.
They have everything to do with our need for food,
our now often forgotten dependence on the Earth, and it's relationship with the sun.
That is, to the elliptical nature of the Earth's orbit, and the tilt of it's axis.
They are a testament to the recorded observations and wisdom of our ancestors,
who from early times constructed essential local pastoral and agricultural calendars.

The timing of Lammas, or Lughnasad, which originated in Europe as a harvest celebration,
is determined, like that of all the cross-quarter days,
by the Sun's vertical distance, in degrees South or North, from the Celestial Equator,
rather than it's Celestial Longitude, or position in the Zodiac.

On 2nd.February this is about 17° South.
Around this time the rate of decline in the South increases markedly,
which results in the Sun rising and setting significantly further North each day,
and a consequent decrease in daylength.
You may have noticed the Sun rising later each day since the Solstice,
but there hasn't been much change in sunset times.
Now the days draw in more noticeably at both ends.

The opposite occurs in the Northern Latitudes,
where 2nd.February is an early Spring festival in Europe,
often called Brigit, Candlemas, or Oimelc.
It may also be one of the reasons the Asian New Year
begins with the first New Moon in late January/early February.

Local Indigenous Calendar(Simplified)
See detailed version in "Adelaide - Nature of a City"
Edited by Prof.Chris Daniels

News from the RainbowWeb

This summer I have decided to be more liberal with mains water in the garden.
It has not been easy to do this without feeling guilty,
as I have become so accustomed to being really frugal with our expensive water supply
- expensive not only in money, but also in energy and resources.
Significant amounts of power are needed to transport, purify, and now desalinate,
our mains water supply - an aspect of it's cost too often forgotten.

But the piecemeal butchering and removal of trees continues, and pet free gardens with trees, shrubs, and understorey are essential refuges for our amazingly resilient wildlife.
And I still manage to produce some of my food.

Not only does keeping my garden green result in lower temperatures in hot weather,
but in the maintenance of my mental, as well as physical health.

The garden is helping me, and the wildlife, from mini to possum-sized, creeping to feathered, get through the heatwaves promised us many years ago by climatologists.
But it's all very urban and artificial. I wonder sometimes if we, at best, may end up living in domes, like the futuristic Londoners in "The Flip Side of Dominic Hyde".
Does anyone remember that film from the 1980s?

Anyway, to my Chinese, Korean, and Japanese friends:

Happy New Year!

and to everyone,
Be kind to one another,
and don't forget to put out a shallow bowl of water at ground level
for the blue-tongues, and float a few "islands" in the bird-baths
so the bees can drink without drowning.
And make sure they are well-shaded!


Why observe and celebrate the interactions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun?

The Festivals, Feasts, and Fasts of most human belief systems originated in our observations of this Cosmic Dance and it's effects.
Everything is affected by the changing seasons and the rhythm of the tides.

Balance of the hemispheres

Why not commit yourself this year to celebrating in tune with these natural rhythms?
You will benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will help you to truly re-earth.

For those who dismiss such practices are mere superstition, consider that:

"We cannot know more than a fraction of what exists. We will always be a minor part of the information system"
Methods of Design - 3.10.3

and that: "Nothing we can observe is regular, partly because we ourselves are imperfect observers.
We tell fortunes, (or lose them) on the writhing of entrails, or cathode ray graphics;
on the scatters of dice or bones, or on arrays of measures.
Are the readings of tea-leaves any less reliable than the projections of pollsters?"
Pattern Understanding - 4.1
from "Permaculture - A Designer's Manual" by Bill Mollison


Seasons and Calendars
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