Lammas, Lughnasad, or Thing-Tide

Elberta Peaches ready to fall into the hand!

Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere is centred on cereal crops, whereas here they have usually been gathered by Christmas/Summer Solstice.
In the Southern States of Australia, it is the stone fruits and the grapes which, if the rains have been good, overwhelm us at this time.
I took this photo yesterday. Now my cool stone floor is covered with peaches & their perfume makes me feel giddy!
Only a few days ago it was nectarines which dominated my days. Their delicate white flesh is so easily damaged - they don't bruise, they deliquesce! (A delicious word which I seldom get the chance to use) They also reminded me forcefully that this almost lewd ripeness is the beginning of decay. If left, this aromatic and colourful carpet of fruit rapidly becomes a disgusting brown mess and the place smells like a brewery!
Already a few leaves are turning gold and drifting to the ground. The days are noticeably shorter, and the sun much lower in the sky.
This festival marks the abrupt change in the rate of the Sun's descent towards the Ecliptic,
not it's longitudinal position in the Zodiac.

It takes all four weeks of December for the Sun to rise one degree, reaching it's culmination at the Summer Solstice. The first two weeks of January see it descend two degrees. But by 2nd.February, it has fallen 2 degrees in 4 days - a dramatic acceleration, which will now continue until at the Winter Solstice the Sun will be as far below the Ecliptic as it was above it at Summer Solstice.

Autumn Leaves

Brigit, Candlemas, Oimelc, or Imbolc, in the Northern Hemisphere
mark the reverse of this cycle.
So even though the days may be cold, the wind bitter, there is a change in the quality of the sunlight to which living things eagerly respond.
In spite of oneself, the heart lifts. The body knows, if the mind does not,
that Spring and renewal are truly on their way.

In both Hemispheres
this is a time to review and organise our resources, to make plans, in readiness for the coming season,
be it one of growth or decay.

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More about Solar and Lunar Festivals in Southern Australia

*NEW* Planting and Weather Calendar for South Australia


For myths, legends, & traditions from around the world,

And get the big picture at with these amazing ASTROPICS
from Eddie Guscott in the UK.

All times given here are Greenwich Mean Time
Find your local time at the

Solar Calendar

Lammas, Lughnasad, orThing-Tide - 2nd.February
Equinox - Eostre, Sun enters Aries - 20th.March 12.34 GMT

Lunar Calendar

Last Quarter - 2nd.February 7.28 GMT 13° Scorpio 33'
Dark Moon - 8th. February 22.29 GMT 20° Aquarius 16'
Full Moon - 24th.February 4.55 GMT 5° Virgo 41'
Dark Moon - 10th.March 9.11 GMT 19°Pisces 54'
The New Moon occurs when
the first slender crescent is visible in the East at sunset
usually 2-3 days after Dark Moon

Both Solar and Lunar Calendars is used to calculate the date of
Easter Day, for the Western Churches, falls on the first Sunday
following the Full Moon which follows the March Equinox.
which makes it 27th.March 2005.
Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter Day on 1st.May this year.
The calculations used are complex, and I'll include more information
about them on the Autumn Equinox page.

Autumn Leaves

Here is more about the cycles of the Moon
from the Permaculture Association of South Australia's 1988 Calendar

The Ecliptic
is an imaginary line which marks the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.
It is roughly marked by the circle of constellations we refer to as The Zodiac.
Since almost all the planets, and the Sun, are more or less in the same plane as the Earth,
they all appear, viewed from Earth, to travel around us within this narrow band of sky.
The Ecliptic is clearly marked on any good Star Map. Back


And a final thought, from the Introduction to the Designer's Manual, on Permaculture Design Philosophy:

"A person of courage today is a person of Peace.
The courage we need is to refuse authority, and to accept only personally responsible decisions."

with love from Margaret RainbowWeb

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