Lammas/Brigit 2003

'Her Beauty and her Terror, The wide brown Land for me' - Dorothea McKellar

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Here in South Australia everything is tinder dry, and it only needs a careless spark or a lightning strike for Adelaide also to be ringed by fire.

It's a good analogy for the situation in the Middle-East. The world is holding it's breath, and we all wait anxiously to see if somehow outright war can be avoided.

Today (2nd.February), we saw the fiery demise of the crew, and other creatures (who had less choice in their fate) of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
Today also, our Chinese and some other Asian communities celebrate the New Year. Dragon Boats race on the Torrens Lake, and Elder Park is full of colourful mythic beasts and gods.
We had 12mm of rain in Adelaide earlier this week.From my desk I can see Rainbow Lorikeets feasting on the barely ripe almonds, and my house is fragrant with the ripe peaches which are spread on the cool tiles of the living-room floor.
Figs, grapes, Cape gooseberries, tomatos, pepinos, cucumbers, chillis, capsicums, carrots are among the crops ready for harvest, while guavas, apples, lemons, mandarins, persimmons, potatos, Jerusalem artichokes, and sweet potatos have still to reach maturity during the months to come.

My feelings are almost impossible to express - so conflicting, so tumultuous, so overwhelming!

So I am offering you recent writing which has struck a chord with me, though for reasons of copyright I cannot put the full text on this website. For those who are willing to take the time and trouble to find and read:

First, on the human condition, and conflict, Viggo Mortensen's thoughtful introduction to The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Visual Companion
".......peaceful co-existence can only be achieved through vigilance and consious compassion. Compassion for oneself & others, especially for those determined to do us harm........There is probably no such thing as a lasting peace, any more than a garden will ever cease to need weeding and watering""

Second, Phillip Adams column in last weeks (25th./26th.January) Weekend Australian, which begins:
"G'Day. God here. You know, the bloke who's on both sides in every war."

If you can't somehow get hold of the originals, email me, and I'll send you a transcript.

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