Summer Moonrise - Australian wheatbelt

As those of you in the North see the first tentative signs of Spring, here the farmers have had the harvest in for some time, & the paddocks are covered in stubble & dry grass. We wait tensely for the first whiff of smoke - this is bushfire season, and while many fires are started by accident or carelessness, Nature also takes a hand. This is also the season of storms, when lightning starts fires in regions so wild and remote that it is almost impossible to fight them. Indeed, were we truly concerned with the balance of Nature rather than what we consider our 'property', we would let the fires burn, as the First Nations did, knowing that they bring fertility & renewal.
There is celebration too, on 26th.January Australia Day

We also know, like you in the North, that snow is not always romantic. Here too, lives are lost in the snow, & environment destroyed by avalanches & landslides. And, as you will be experiencing with the advent of Spring, always there is renewal - the first buds misting the trees, the brave crocus providing the first nectar for the blackbirds. And glory too - the courage of those emergency service workers & volunteers who help us, both North and South, through fire, ice & flood. And the patient endurance of those who suffer. Our world wide media coverage gives us the opportunity to send healing and sustaining thoughts anywhere, anytime, whenever they are needed

Day and Night balance one another around the globe

with love from Margaret RainbowWebThe World Turns

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Here in the city gardens, blackbirds are raising their 3rd. or 4th.brood. In the North, they are just beginning to think about mating.