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Litha/Summer Solstice 2010
~ Yule/Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere ~

Bouganvillea and Nasturtiums

Bouganvillea and Nasturtiums on the front fence
where the Passionfruit vine used to be.

News from the RainbowWeb

"The Earth is capable of replenishing herself and supplying every living thing with a home and sustenance"
Sarah King

I haven't made one of these pages since the June Solstice.
I really thought that when I stopped spending so much time and energy on singing,
I would have much more to spend on Re-earthing the Cities in every sense.
Instead I fell victim to various winter plagues and other physical problems, and I take much longer to recover these days.
The up side is that, as well as spending lots of time in contemplation, I have done a great deal of thought-provoking reading,
learned much from my favourite programmes on the ABC's Radio National, and watched a number of inspiring DVDs.
One DVD, "Earth - the power of the planet", hosted for the BBC by geologist Iain Stewart, reminded me of many things.
Two stand out - one is how instrumental the moon was, and remains, in making Earth into a place where complex life could evolve.
Knowing how much she affects the Earth, the oceans, the weather, and all living organisms,
I love to watch her rhythms & cycles, and think of her with respect and gratitude, as well as wonder at her ever-changing beauty.
To learn more, put "Does Earth need the moon" into your search engine

The other powerful reminder is that, however much we pollute and destroy,
when we inevitably become extinct, the Earth will remain, and will repair herself.
New life forms will evolve, different eco-systems will develop, and Earth will remain for many aeons a beautiful and nurturing planet.
But there is hope for us humans!
The number of public radio broadcasts that address Climate Change, and particularly people's responses, is inspiring.
Just last week I listened to wonderful interviews with David Suzuki, and Stephanie Alexander.
In the early hours of this morning I heard a discussion on "Australia Talks" about home food production.
The podcast is online, so do please download and listen. You can do so from anywhere in the world.

While I've been taking things easy, our local permies & Sustainable Communities have been busy.
A delightful surprise was the DVD produced by Sam Collins about AnneMarie & Graham Brookman,
called "Design For Life - Permaculture, the Food Forest Story"

And if that wasn't delight enough,
I discovered that two other enthusiasts were sponsored by Friends of the Earth to make a DVD called " The Urban Forest" .
This is a delightful half-hour telling the story of local food-growing, gleaning, and sharing.
Locally, permission has finally been given for a new Community Garden in my area,
a produce Swap & Share has been established, and a Community Market is planned, starting in February.
The network of local groups originally called " Sustainable Communities NPSP" has gone statewide,
and is now "Sustainable Communities South Australia"

A most incredible booklet has been produced by Kim Hill
called "How to have an incredibly adventurous life for zero dollars a day"
which is available at cost or online,
and, inspired by Kim, I decided to print hard copies of my "Permaculture Journey"
funded by friends Linda & Glena from Colorado, who visited me back in May.
This will also be sold at cost to raise a little cash to support these various organisations.
If you want to know more about anything I've mentioned here, please email me.

By the way, I've created an email address just for this website. Also slightly changed the title of the site, to give it more impact.
My personal email remains the same, so please don't change it in your address book. The new address is only for emails sent via the site.
I really struggled with this page, until finally everything fell into place when, having woken ridiculously early,
I switched on the radio and heard the discussion on Urban Food Production.
Just because I haven't been doing much until recently, other people have, all over the world.
I know you are too! Keep it up! Vines

This year there is a Full Moon on the eve of the Solstice.
There will also be a Lunar Eclipse, visible anywhere the sky is dark at 8.15GMT,
For the full story go to:
Whether you are celebrating Litha (Summer Solstice),
Yule (Winter Solstice), or the Christmas season,
this comparatively rare co-incidence gives an added dimension to the festival
and increases the significance of our celebrations.
Although Solstice is a season of about 3 days,
the Sun enters the tropical sign of Capricorn,
(270° of Celestial Longitude) at 23.40GMT on 21st.December.
That means 10.20am on 22nd.December CSST.
The ancients were well aware of solar cycles, since they were keen naked eye astronomers
and used them to create local agricultural calendars,
which marked the time of important rituals & their accompanying festivals.
They gave equal importance to the Moon,
and were not only aware of it's effects on water and wildlife
but, being more in tune with nature, almost certainly
more aware of the subtle effects in their bodies, minds, and emotions than we are today

For a graphic explanation of the astronomy of the Solstices,

See also Seasons and Calendars for more information.

Balance of the hemispheres

Why observe and celebrate the interactions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun?

The Festivals, Feasts, and Fasts of most human belief systems originated in our observations of this Cosmic Dance and it's effects.
Everything is affected by the changing seasons and the rhythm of the tides.
Why not commit yourself this year to celebrating in tune with these natural rhythms?
You will benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will help you to truly re-earth.

For those who dismiss such practices are mere superstition, consider that:

"We cannot know more than a fraction of what exists. We will always be a minor part of the information system"
Methods of Design - 3.10.3

and that: "Nothing we can observe is regular, partly because we ourselves are imperfect observers.
We tell fortunes, (or lose them) on the writhing of entrails, or cathode ray graphics;
on the scatters of dice or bones, or on arrays of measures.
Are the readings of tea-leaves any less reliable than the projections of pollsters?"
Pattern Understanding - 4.1
from "Permaculture - A Designer's Manual" by Bill Mollison


Seasons and Calendars
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