Gum trees in a summer sky

The sun reaches it's Summer Solstice this year in Adelaide, South Australia, just 6 minutes before sunrise. It also happens to be a Saturday. So some of us are taking the opportunity to have a special dawn meditation, followed by a celebration breakfast. Our theme will be "Re-earthing the City".

This year the December Solstice occurs at 19.23 GMT, on 21st.
The Solstices are said to occur when the Sun enters the 90th. and 270th. degrees of Celestial Longitude. In astrological language, that's 0 degrees of Cancer and of Capricorn. But they are not mere moments in time, but may last for several days, depending on your latitude. Sol stice literally means "the sun stands still" and it appears to do just this, to anyone who observes, as the ancients did, the rising and setting points of the sun on the horizon or skyline.

All genuine traditional feasts, rituals, and celebrations have their origins in the observable phenomena of the natural world. The Solstices, Equinoctes, Full Moons, New Moons, and Dark Moons (or moonless nights), the rising and setting of certain stars or constellations, with their various cycles and rhythms, all contributed to the development of our calendars.
Now most of us are so out of tune with the natural world that we cannot celebrate a Full Moon or a Solstice when it occurs, unless we have a high degree of committment. Or, of course, if the event just happens to fall conveniently, on a weekend, or public holiday!!

Perhaps if we were to make a point of observing, however briefly, some kind of tradition or ritual to mark these natural cycles, we might find ourselves being brought back into alignment with our true nature.
How can we hope to reconcile ourselves with our fellow human beings, if we do not first reconcile ourselves with our common home and place in the Universe?

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