A Blessing for this Full Moon Solstice!

Full Moon

Solstice 07:45 - Full Moon 17:32 GMT 22nd. December 1999
This Solstice falls within 10 hours of the Full Moon in Cancer, though whether they actually fall on the same date depends on where you are on the globe.
What does is matter? If the sky is clear, "The Moon will Shine as Bright as Day!" as the old rhyme puts it. Even with cloud cover, the night will be exceptionally bright - the Moon is at it's closest point to the earth for 133 years.
This is an event worth planning for - even though it's a weeknight.
Try to get away from the city light pollution if you can, and plan at least to see the sunset/moonrise in the evening, and the magical sight of the Sun & Moon in the sky together at dawn, even if you *must* sleep in between. But this is a night for celebration, a night when you may well see some of Nature's wonders. On such a night, if it is showery, you might see a "moonbow" - that rare magical silvery rainbow only seen at the brightest of Full Moons.

Here in the South we will certainly stay up all night, and feast on fruit, decorate with flowers, & enjoy the magnificent wines produced on the Fleurieu Peninsula on which Adelaide is situated. The rich scent of apricots & peaches, mingled with that of roses, jasmine & honeysuckle, fills the gardens, which are not yet decimated by the extreme heat of late summer. In the markets, the first cherries & mangoes are to be had for mere money! And as I write, I can hear choirs practising for 'Carols By Candlelight' - traditionally held this weekend in local parks under the night sky all over Australia.

Many of us, in spite of the beauty and abundance which surrounds us, will dream nostagically of northern skies and of 'Home' -
of moonlit snow, of breathe frosting the air, & early afternoon sunsets red with frost, or misty with fog.
Wherever we are, may LOVE encircle our beautiful earth, and touch the hearts of everyone of us, as we prepare for the New Year to come!

with love from Margaret RainbowWeb

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