Trains in India

Home After Four Years

In 2001 February, I returned home from overseas and ended an involuntary four-year abstinence from my life-long love — Indian trains. To comprehend the unique charm and unbridled joy of these intriguing beasts, you have no alternative but to ride them.

The visit was short, and over a period of two weeks I made four trips in all, shuttling between Cochin, Chennai [Madras] and Bangalore. I could've done more, but commitments existed, and my lovingly over-protective mum wouldn't let go of me in any case.

So, without further ado, let's get on with the interesting bits — the photos, and trip reports, which include my first day around Chennai, and the journey home that evening — more on the way.

About The Pix

The images were captured with my kinda-trusty workhorse, an old Pentax ME Super [28mm f2.8 & 50mm f2] and a Pentax Espio 105G, which can be erratic in its performance.

The scans were made from 6"x4" prints at 100 dpi, 100% magnification, then tweaked for optimum contrast, brightness and sharpness.