The IRFCA Chat Room Guide

Version 0.17 [2003-09-04]


Several IRFCA members participate in online chat sessions using the 'Yahoo! Messenger' instant messaging program. This guide is intended to help those who wish to join in chatting with other IRFCA members. This is an initial draft and consequently rather sparse.

Get Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger's main window

Before you commence chatting, you need a Yahoo! ID, and you need to download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger, an instant messaging program similar to AOL IM or ICQ. Once you have installed it, run it and log in with your Yahoo! ID. You can use the same Yahoo! ID you use for accessing the IRFCA site at Yahoo! Groups, although you don't have to -- it just makes it easier for other members to recognize you. Click on the Chat button circled in the screnshot above.

This will bring up the Join Room dialogue, as shown in the next section.

Note: If you don't have a Yahoo! ID, you can get one by going to the Yahoo! login page and clicking on the Sign Up Now link. Once you have a Yahoo! ID you can also access the IRFCA site at Yahoo! Groups.

Join the chat room

How to join the IRFCA chat room

  1. Ensure your correct ID is selected.
  2. Select Hobbies & Crafts from the middle window.
  3. Click on the User Rooms tab.
  4. You should find IRFCA [Indian Railways] listed there. Select it. If it's not visible, click Create New Room and go straight to the next section.
  5. Press the Go to Room button.

You should now be logged into the IRFCA chat room.

Create the chat room

Create the chat room if it is absent

If there is no one in the room it is destroyed, so you need to create it. From the Join Room dialogue, click Create New Room to get the Create Room dialogue box shown above. The steps are:

  1. Select your appropriate Yahoo! ID.
  2. Select the Hobbies & Crafts category to create the new room in.
  3. Ensure the room is named IRFCA [Indian Railways] and the welcome message reads Welcome to the IRFCA Chat Room.
  4. Make sure Public access is selected.
  5. Disable voice features [enabling it may cause frequent crashes.]
  6. Press Create Room.

Now all you need to do is wait for someone else to join you.

Bookmark the chat room

Bookmark the IRFCA chat room

The above screenshot shows you how to bookmark the IRFCA chat room so it's easier for you to return in the future. While you're in the room, simply click File -> Favourite Rooms -> Add Room and you're done.

Return to the chat room

Return to the IRFCA chat room

To return to the chat room, go to Tools -> Yahoo! Chat -> Favourite Rooms -> IRFCA [Indian Railways]. Currently, Yahoo! Messenger has a bug which means this does not always work. If you land up in an empty room, go to Join the chat room and follow the steps there.

Have fun!