Fzip Family Tree

What's New

Version 2.1.6    29 Jul 2019 :-
1. Chg - Help - Updates to improve readability and content
2. New - CSV Export - Add the 3 Tag fields to CSV Export and CSV Compare. Add option to export the Tag Values.
3. Fix - CSV Export - Heading corrected for Relationship for Male and Female Relationship Numbers
4. Chg - About - Minor change to About screen to include URL of website.

Version 2.1.5    3 Jul 2019 :-
1. New - FindList CSV Export - used to export the FindList as a CSV file to be read by a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Libre Office
    Invoked from FindList screen or Tools menu
2. Fix - Place report - Correction for displaying relationships - displayed incorrect Event literal for Female
3. Fix - Place searching and Place Report - Marriage or Divorce now only displayed for Male, Female if Male, Female was selected.
4. Fix - Place searching and Place report - If 'Use as Input' was selected then did not select Marriages or Divorces
5. Fix - Find Person or Marriage - If second field used could not use 'between'
6. Fix - LDS Report - Print preview did not display background page image correctly
7. Fix/Chg - FindList - Right click on a person in a row will now display Edit screen for that person
8. Fix - Edit - Next Person and Previous Person within Edit would only step through siblings. Corrected to step through FindList if Edit is invoked from FindList.
9. Chg - Tools Menu - Reorganise menu to improve
10. Chg - Help - Updating of Help to improve

Version 2.1.4    22 Jun 2019 :-
1. Chg/Fix - Place searching and Place report - For relationships, now reports events for male and female rather than just one.
2. Fix - Place searching and Place report - Sorting now works correctly for Marriage and Divorce
3. Chg - FindList - For Places, when selecting reverse place display the place in reverse order
4. Chg - FindList - Displays 'Summary' heading when summary
5. New - Place searching and Place report - New sort orders of Family Name (then Date) and Date (then Family Name)
6. Fix - Install - Program would fail if 'Launch Application' selected at time of installation and Fzip had not run before on PC. Run from Windows would work correctly.
7. Chg - Install - Installation file is renamed to include version number e.g. FzipFT_SetupV2.1.4.exe

Version 2.1.3    22 May 2019 :-
1. Chg - Forms - Updating of forms to improve their readability.

Version 2.1.2    14 May 2019 :-
1. New - CSV Compare - New function that compares output from two exports and reports differences i.e. shows changes - can be used to identify differences in versions of genealogy files. Accessed from Tools menu.
2. Fix - CSV Export - Export of Parent data incorrect where there were no parents.
3. New - CSV Export - Addition of Genealogy file and date and time to the output files.
4. New - Edit - Stop entry of carriage return and line feed in Place fields.
5. Fix - File Read - Program would lock up when opening genealogy file when last record on buffer boundary.

Version 2.1.1    7 May 2019 :-
1. New - CSV Export - Now exports all notes.
2. New - Date Check Report - Option to write people to check to FindList now includes error messages.
3. Fix - Date Check Report - Check 12, 13 Person born after Father/Mother dead is corrected
4. Fix - Main - When changed to new person, the person was not highlighted correctly in Sibling display. (Problem introduced in v2.1).
5. Chg - Language - Updated Italian Version - Thank you Ercole Di Matteo.

Version 2.1    30 April 2019 :-
1. New - FindList - Improve setting of column widths and resizing. Default to full screen, but remember sizing when look at Findlist again.
2. New - Main and FindList - Display Person Number and Reference for a Person in Person Summary
3. New - CSV Export - New function to provide export of genealogy data as CSV files. Accessed from Tools Menu.
4. New - Date Check Report - Additional check of; a child is born less than 9 months after a previous child.
5. Chg - Web - User created Template directory changed to be in Fzip data directory e.g. C:\ProgramData\Fzip\template
6. New - Main - New Family View Screen that shows 3 generations of people in a tabular format. Click on "<< >>" to swap between existing Hourglass View and Family View.
7. Fix - Main Screen - Remove comma when last name displayed first and first name is blank

Version 2.0.4    19 April 2019 :-
1. Chg - Change where temporary and work files are stored. By default will be stored in C:\ProgramData\Fzip on Windows 10
   If the program is not run from the C:\Program Files (x86) directory then these files will be stored in the same directory as the program.
2. New - New version of FzipLang - language translation program, to be used by language translators.
3. New - Added new Language menu option in Help menu

Version    14 April 2019 :-
1. Chg - Language - Revised Dutch Translation for Version 2 - Thank you Peter Tameris

Version 2.0.3    13 April 2019 :-
1. Chg - Easy Find and Find - search criteria to default to "Contains" rather than "Starts with" - to improve use of search
2. Chg - Main screen - FindList Next and Previous make person the focus rather than just update narrative of person
3. Chg - Main screen - If person selected in Sibling Area then show first spouse ancestors
4. Fix - Date Input - Program was ignoring date separator defined in Windows, always set it to '/'.
5. Chg - Help - Update of various topics

Version 2.0.2    9 April 2019 :-
1. Chg - Main screen - Change highlighting to improve text visibility and navigation
2. Chg - Main screen, FindList - Change color of narrative text box to improve text visibility
3. Fix - Main screen, FindList - Narrative was truncated when large number of children
4. New - Main screen - Add Indi number for selected individual to improve identification of person

Version 2.0.1    8 April 2019 :-
1. New - About screen - Information added identifying executable file
2. Fix - GEDCOM Import and Export - did not correctly input and output date qualifier ABT,EST etc in English
3. New - Option screen - Added parameter to control output of GEDCOM Dates in English or selected Language
4. Fix - Main screen - Did not completely clear main screen when File > New
5. Chg - Help - Added new Licence information to Help
6. Chg - Language - Revised Italian Translation for Version 2 - Thank you Ercole Di Matteo

Version 2.0    28 March 2019 :-
Yes it has been a long time between changes!
1. New - Main screen - that is easier to use and shows 5 generations of people to give improved context - 3 generations of Ancestors
2. New - Main screen - Back and Forward buttons that work similarly to Internet browser back and forward
3. New - Main screen and FindList - Narrative summary added for selected person and for FindList has more information (e.g. age, age at marriage, place of marriage) and better formatting
4. New - Findlist - rewritten to be more friendly and useful - now displays place of birth, place of death and reference number.
5. New - Find, Select by Place - has option to reverse Place - this is also used by Place Report - useful for checking Place names
6. Fix - FindList - When editing from Findlist Place or Source selection the FindList display information did not display correctly
7. New - Report - ScreenPrint report for the main screen
8. Fix - Help - Now able to use HTML Help
9. Chg - Help - Updated Help
10. Chg - Limits - Number of people that can be processed increased to 3.27 million from 2 million
11. Chg - Add Child, Connect Child - Now require selection of relationship due to main screen change
12. Chg - Connect Spouse - The method of selecting Spouse changed
13. New - Add Spouse - Can now edit relationship details
14. New - Main screen - Heading includes filename being displayed and the last date and time of change
15. New - Shareware - Remove code for shareware restrictions
16. Chg - Web - Improve Web page generation to improve navigation
17. New - Place Report - Add information displayed when Level of Detail = 2, also uses Reverse Place in Find
18. New - Edit screen - Add highlight sex of person in blue or red to assist selecting correct sex
19. New - Edit screen - Add Child - Heading updated to included parents
20. New - Date Check Report - Additional check of 60 years difference between spouses
21. Chg - Edit Screen - improve formatting, add print button, remove bookmark buttons
22. New - GEDCOM Import - Now imports Unix GEDCOM files that only have Linefeed as end of record marker in addition to existing Windows files.
23. New - Privacy - Has more options for output for Web pages and GEDCOM export - improved Privacy with more options for output.
24. New - Privacy - Can be used on most Reports with same options as Web and GEDCOM export
25. New - Web - Pages for individuals can be combined into single files to reduce number of html files
26. Chg - Web - Changed the way the output directory is selected
27. New messages - see Customisation for more details
Note that while the program has been upgraded the same data structure is used as the original, so that both Version 1 program and Version 2 can be used on the same data file (provided there are less than 2 million people).