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A fast and easy way to manage and display your family tree.

Version 1.8 released 15 Aug 2010 - program is now Free to use

Fzip allows you to navigate easily around your family tree using two alternate views.

Hourglass View - can view up to four generations.

Text View - shows story of selected person

You change between the two views by clicking the View menu item.

Fzip Family Tree is a highly featured, fast and easy to use genealogy package. The software allows a person to view, search, maintain genealogy details and report on family trees.

It has EXTREMELY high speed GEDCOM import and export facilities making it suitable as a GEDCOM browser. It has very high speed search capabilities.

The main screen show up to 4 generations of people and provides simple navigation around a family tree.

A simple search facility (Easy Find) is available to quickly and easily find people. In addition a powerful and fast search (Find) and sort facility can search by any field for People, Marriages, Places and Sources and includes a special selection to select Roots, Unrelated, Ancestors, Ancestor Roots, Descendants.

Entry and modification of data is simple and quick using full screen data entry.

Twenty four different reports are available including :-

In addition an Alphabetic Index report can be produced of people reported in the Descendant Tree, Box, Story and Family Group and Ancestor Tree and Story. The Select reports have choices for sorting the data.

Reports can be directed to the screen, printer or file. Many reports can be output as RTF format files.

Picture support is available. It has a web page generation function.

There is a limit of 2,000,000 people per file. One person can have up to 600 children.
A bookmark facility is available with up to 20 bookmarks being available for use. These are stored with a genealogy file.

New Genealogy files are easily created and accessed and use little disk space. The number of genealogy files supported is limited only by available disk space. More than one copy of the program can be running at a time on a machine so that multiple files may be open at one time.

When a genealogy file is saved a backup of the previous version is stored.

The main differences between this software and others is the speed of displaying, searching, importing and exporting data and the small size of its data files.


Registration and Availability

Fzip Family Tree is now free to use. The program is no longer shareware and does not need to be registered to use.
Fzip runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista 7. A version is available to run on Windows 3.1.

For further information please e-mail the developer Andrew Croft at acroft@fzipft.com


Language Support

The program is available in English, Polish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Slovak, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese and Icelandic. (Help only exists in English.)

Thanks to Grzegorz Kwiatkowski for the Polish translation.
Thanks to Manfred Hirtler for the German translation.
Thanks to Pierre Simoneau for the French translation. Pierre Simoneau - Simoneau Families History and Genealogy
Thanks to Carmel Sacco for the Italian translation.
Thanks to Luis E. Juan for the Spanish translation. Luis Juan
Thanks to Christo Viljoen for the Afrikaans translation. Genealogiese Instituut van Suid-Afrika
Thanks to Ladislav Filo for the Slovak translation. Ladislav Filo
Thanks to Vlastimil Jirout for the Czech translation. Vlastimil Jirout
Thanks to Peter Tameris for the Dutch translation. Peter Tameris
Thanks to Sergio Buratto for the Portuguese translation. Sergio Buratto
Thanks to Gu­r˙n Jˇhannsdˇttir for the Icelandic translation. Gu­r˙n Jˇhannsdˇttir
Thanks to Lars J°rgen Helbo for the Danish translation. Lars J°rgen Helbo

You can select the language to use as you require.
If you wish to customise the program in another language please contact the author.



Fzip L1.8 - click on the EXE name setupfzip18.exe. Size is 887kb. Date 15 Aug 2010.
Note that this version when installed will be identified as version L1.7.e.4
This is a 32 bit version and caters for up to 2 million people.

The program should install as a registered version. In some cases this does not happen.
In this case there are two codes to enter. Enter them when prompted. The first is t=(*<-; and the second is 0187-00888-201008-29318

Fzip S1.7d - contact author by email to obtain version.
This is a 16 bit version and caters for up to 65,534 people.

User Guide - click on the EXE name uguide17.exe. Size is 245kb. Date 29 Jul 2001.
The file is a self extracting file. First run the file to extract the document.
Then display the document. The user guide is in Rich Text Formatted format and can be read by most word processors.
It cannot be read by Microsoft Works. If you are running Windows 95 or later then you can read it in Wordpad.
Word pad can be run from Start button > Programs > Accessories > Wordpad.

Podrecznik uzytkownika - User Guide in Polish - click on the zip name uguidepol.zip. Size is 135kb. Date 7 Sep 2003.
The file is a zip file in Microsoft Word 97 format.
Thanks to Wojciech Bartmi˝ski for the translation.


Other Links

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previous contact details were acroft@ozemail.com.au