FCASS Cost Allocation Solution (FCASSft)

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Latest Update to Program 26 August 2020 and Documentation 5 September 2021

Summary of Benefits of FCASS

1. Standalone Cost Allocation solution including budget allocation with useful set of reports
2. Provides solution to maintain Cost Allocation Model and Financial data
3. Simple interfacing using CSV files
4. Small and very simple installation, can be run from USB key
5. Quick to start running
6. Fast
7. Free to use for Educational usage
8. Runs on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit from Windows XP and upwards (including Windows 10)
9. No dependencies on other software
10. Internet access is NOT required. No information is read from, or sent to internet.

Cost Allocation Architecture

Cost Allocation consists of three parts Data Capture, Allocation and Allocation Reporting and Final Reporting.
FCASS provides a simple Data Capture component (FCASSE editing) and Allocation and Allocation Reporting (FCASSA).

Overview Diagram

Data Capture and Maintenance
The cost allocation solution has four different types of data to be captured or maintained
a. Dimension data e.g. Product Hierarchy, Customer Hierarchy, Cost/Profit Centre Hierarchy, General Ledger Account Hierarchy, Resource Hierarchy, Activity Hierarchy, Location Hierarchy
b. Model Structure i.e. Stages, Cost Pool Groups, Cost Pools, selection rules
c. Allocation Rules and Measures i.e. Allocation Base, Measure Data e.g. number of returns of product
d. Transaction data Financial transactions recorded against dimensions

This function is performed by program FCASSE (FCASS Edit).

Allocation and Allocation Reporting
Using data captured and provided as files, the Cost Allocation and Allocation Reporting sub system runs the cost allocation model and also allocation reports. The allocation reports are used to confirm that the allocation has run successfully and include reports that can show the traceability of the allocation.

This function is performed by program FCASSA (FCASS Allocation).

Final Reporting
Final Reporting takes the results of the allocation and produces reports in required presentation formats which may include graphics and online drill down capability for management reporting.

FCASS does not provide a solution for this. A cheap solution may be to use an end user reporting solution such as Excel (perhaps with Powerpivot) which uses as input CSV files created by the allocation reports.

FCASSA Reports - Allocation Reports

Report NumberNameDescription
Job Report shows progress of run
11Dimension Reportshows all of the records in a dimension with the value of the financial transactions that were selected by that dimension
12Stage Reportshows the Stages in a Model with their associated Cost Pool Groups and Cost Pools
13Cost Pool Resolution Reportshows Input Cost Pool Groups with their associated Cost Pools and the order that selection of a financial transactions would occur. It includes the number of financial transactions selected and the value
14Cost Measures Reportshows all of the Measures (Named Measures and Internally Generated Measures). For Internally Generated Measures it shows the value of each selection
15Cost Pool Reportshows selected Cost Pools. Can also select reporting of the Value Cube associated with each Cost Pool, Allocation Base used and where the Cost Pool has been used
16Allocation Base Reportshows the Allocation Bases
21Cost Pool Input Contribution Reportshows selected Input Cost Pools and what value they distributed to each Final Cost Pool
22Cost Pool Final Contribution Reportshows selected Final Cost Pools and value they received from each Input Cost Pool
23Trace Forward Reportshows the allocation traced forward from selected Cost Pools through Allocation Bases and Cost Pools to Final Cost Pools
24Trace Back Reportshows the allocation traced backward from selected Cost Pools through Allocation Bases and Cost Pools to Input Cost Pools
25Cost Pool Variance Reportshows selected Cost Pools with their variances
26Rollup Reportshows a rollup by up to 3 dimensions of selected Value Cubes for a selected number of levels in each selected dimension
31Cost Pool Value Cube Analysisshows a list of Cost Pools and information on the size of their Value Cubes
32Extract Selected Transactionsshows the output from Extract Transactions (report requested by OO 5) filtered by a specific Cost Pool code
33Extract Value Cubesshows an extract of the Value Cube for selected Cost Pools. Note this will be very big.
34Extract Dimensionsshows an extract of Dimensions. Can be useful to gain hierarchy.
OO,5Extract Transactionswill produce an extract of transactions with the CP code they have been selected into.



FCASS Documentation 5 Sep 2021 Click on link to download FCASS Documentation
FCASS Software and Sample Data 26 Aug 2020 Click on link to download FCASS Software v0.7 and sample data.zip for Windows XP to Windows 10

To install, unzip the zip file and run each of the programs (FCASSE and FCASSE) from the Programs directory in the zip file.
File "Read This File.txt" in zip file provides some extra information.

Please contact author acroft@fzipft.com for more information.